Steam Cleaner Machines by Daimer

No matter where you are, whether at home or at work something is bound to get dirty, and when it does you want it cleaned, and you want it cleaned right. Often times people do not want to bring harmful chemicals into their homes or businesses because of family members' or employees' chemical sensitivities, or just because they want a greener environment. Unfortunately indoor air quality is 1000% worse than it is outdoors, but Daimer's KleenJet ® steam cleaner machines will help you eliminate unhealthy cleaning toxins.

Whether you are cleaning your own home or contracted by a company to clean inside their business, there are KleenJet® steam cleaner machines made for your needs. KleenJet ® steam cleaner machines are offered by Daimer, the industry's leaders in home, commercial and industrial cleaners. The systems have a reputation worldwide as excellent steam cleaner systems with outstanding patented technologies, and the highest pressure and temperatures available anywhere. In fact, no other cleaning equipment of its type comes close.

With KleenJet® steam cleaner machines the main thing you need to clean most surfaces is primarily water. No harmful chemicals or detergents, just regular water right from the tap. Some applications require the use of a cleaning solution in addition to steam cleaner machines, and for these situations we suggest Eco-Green®, made from a patented chemical formulation using all natural ingredients and unprecedented cleaning power; it's available only through Daimer.

KleenJet® steam cleaner machines are an excellent choice for people or businesses that want exceptionally clean surfaces with no nasty chemical or detergent residue remaining. You can safely use KleenJet® steam cleaner machines around food preparation areas, in children's areas, bathrooms, and general areas that are often frequented by people with allergies or other sensitivities like hospitals or nursing homes.

The secret to KleenJet® steam cleaner machines is temperature and pressure. With temperatures reaching up to 360°F and pressure levels up to 150 psi, the KleenJet® steam cleaner machines quickly break down most dirt, grime, grease or scum and sanitize the entire area as it cleans. All you have to do is wipe away the dirty area with a towel or rag, and you are done. If you use our steam cleaner machines with vacuums, then you can extract residue from floors without needing to wipe with towels. The bottom line is you use no cancer-causing chemicals or fumes, just natural cleaning when you want it and where you want it.

You don't have to worry about chemical residue or endangering the environment or people around you when you use your KleenJet® steam cleaner machines because everything you use is natural and safe. The accessories and attachments that come with your KleenJet® steam cleaner machines allow you to clean even small areas such as those around sinks, fixtures, or larger areas like walls, glass, mirrors, floors, and others with equal ease and freedom of movement.

You can even use your KleenJet® steam cleaner machines to help spot clean carpets. So, considering applications for which dry steam cleaner machines are applicable, whether in a home, an office, or even a major institution, KleenJet® steam cleaner machines are right for most cleaning situations, and Daimer's impeccable reputation as well as large customer list proves we are the best in the world. Buy KleenJet® steam cleaner machines and be on your way to cleaning and sanitizing like you have never cleaned before.

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