Steam Cleaners - Importance of Boiler Size, Pressure, and Temperature

Steam Cleaning Machines

Factors Impacting Steam Cleaners' Cleaning Power

Daimer, which offers the highest rated pressure and temperature levels in the industry, provides steam cleaners catered to home/residential, commercial, business, institutional, government, and industrial users; a common thread among all sectors is the power created by steam cleaners matters greatly. Pressure and temperature are absolutely critical to effective cleaning, and prospective steam cleaner buyers want to consider only steam cleaner models with the highest pressure levels and temperature ranges within a given class of steam cleaners.

Since steam cleaners emit relatively "dry" vapor with about 5% water in the vapor itself, users do not never need to be concerned about too much pressure. The reason is the impact of the steam cleaners' s vapor on a surface should not in any way be confused with that of a pressure washers, which creates a much, much more dramatic impact due mainly to the fact water flows from the nozzle. The cleaning power of a pressure washer, especially one that generates wet steam, is much higher than that of a steam cleaner, but a pressure washer's applications are different from a steam cleaner. Do not expect the "splash-back" effect of steam cleaners the way you would pressure washers.

Daimer's steam cleaners reach pressures levels up to 150 psi and temperatures up to 360° F, depending upon the steam cleaner models. Keep in mind lower pressure and higher temperature, or visa-versa are ineffective for home, commercial, and industrial cleaning applications. You will never have to be concerned about sanded grout disruption with steam cleaners as you would with high pressure washers over 1500 psi with the nozzle aimed directly at the grout lines.

Certainly, the larger the boiler size of steam cleaners without continuous-refill functionality (pressure cap based steam cleaners), the greater the pressure buildup and temperature created within the boiler itself. The ones who would not agree with this are those who market under-featured, under-powered, and small boiler-based steam cleaners, offered typically at lower prices with weaker warranties. You probably notice other steam cleaner brands cater mainly to the residential or light commercial market. Unfortunately for consumers, their steam cleaner prices rival or are more expensive those of Daimer's commercial-grade KleenJet® steam cleaners.

Importantly, the larger the boiler for a faster-heating, non-continuous refill steam cleaners, the faster the user can heat the system with cold water, and longer you can clean without having to stop and reheat. Fortunately, Daimer offers the fastest heating steam cleaners and largest boiler sizes in the industry over other companies' steam cleaner models offered for even up to $3000.00!

In addition, KleenJet® steam cleaners are available in continuous-refill models that allow you to work non-stop without the need to power down the steam cleaner, refill, and reheat. These steam cleaners come with two separate chambers, a water chamber and boiler chamber. The water chamber feeds a boiler whenever the water level reaches a programmed level. Since the water chamber is not pressurized, the user simply lifts a cap and pours water into the chamber.

Conventional steam cleaners without continuous refill use threaded pressure caps that seal the boiler directly and require depressurization in order to remove the cap. The depressurization, refilling, and reheating process for pressure cap based steam cleaners take approximately twenty minutes. Research tells us most pressure cap based steam cleaner users dislike using steam cleaners with boiler capacities of under two liters. The problem is the user will be interrupted about every half hour or even less just to depressurize the boiler, refill and reheat. On the contrary, Daimer's KleenJet® steam cleaners run for up to several hours on one boiler filling.

Unfortunately, the low-priced steam cleaners you may have viewed on television and elsewhere lack the temperature, pressure, and boiler size necessary to do the job properly. Many of our customers to their dismay had purchased these weak systems with low pressure and temperature prior to switching to Daimer, and they truly appreciate the results!

Daimer's steam cleaners incorporate advanced proprietary technologies to supply the perfect balance of pressure and temperature for even the most challenging applications for which steam cleaners are appropriate. The main decision to purchase a particular steam cleaner centers around price and the features a user requires for the targeted task.

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