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DAIMER ® - The Worldwide Leader in Steam Cleaners Offering Over 200
Models of Technologically Superior KleenJet ® Brand Steam Cleaners, Home Steam Cleaners, Commercial Steam Cleaners, Industrial Steam Cleaners, Continuous Refill, and Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Daimer - One of the Only Actual Factory-Direct Steam Cleaner Vendors in the World offers our Industry-Leading KleenJet ® Steam Cleaners, Home Steam Cleaners, Commercial Steam Cleaners, Industrial Steam Cleaners, Continuous Refill Steam Cleaners, and Steam Vacuum Cleaners ... the Largest Line of Steam Cleaners in the Industry. Our customers include hundreds of thousands of users and we ship factory-direct to over 70 countries!

Daimer's models include 80 of the Highest Temperature, Highest Pressure, Most Powerful, Patented, and Technologically Outstanding Line of Steam Cleaners Direct and Globally and All from One Factory ... Guaranteed!

View our impressive partial customer list now : Daimer's customers

We offer financing within the United States on most of the home, commercial, and industrial steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment on our website to qualifying companies, new businesses, and even individuals for home use. We also offer financing for qualifying Canadian businesses!


Daimer and and our cleaning equipment have been featured in over 500 trade and consumer magazines and publications globally, as well as on major television stations such as NBC and CBS! In fact, no other cleaning machine provider of any type has been featured in more publications.

We offer the longest warranties on the most technologically advanced steam cleaners in the industry. In addition, we make your purchasing decision easy by offering you the best steam cleaner values considering price, quality, reliability, service, support, longevity and more. Never buy steam cleaners by focusing solely on price as lower-priced and higher-priced steam cleaners can represent poor values. An example of poor quality is painted metal steam cleaner cases.

Read about how painted metal steam cleaners will rust and corrode, how to identify painted metal, and why we never use it.

Make an informed decision because when it comes to other steam cleaners on the market you do not necessarily get what you pay for!The differences between Daimer and other brands of steam cleaners on the market are very refreshing and surprising; understand what we mean by excellent value:

* Read about the technologically superior, most reliable, finest-quality steam cleaner machines by Daimer.

* Daimer sets itself apart from the other brands! You need to read this and learn how we do it.

* Compare Daimer's steam cleaner warranties with other vendors. Beware of those offering only a one year warranty!

* Advanced patented features available only through Daimer

* Important steam cleaner technologies.

* Continuous Refill Steam Cleaners, are rugged, reliable, and Daimer's are the most unique in the industry; they offer crucial features to maximize cleaning power and performance. We can save you hundreds of dollars even if your purchase is under $1000.00.
What is continuous refill steam cleaner technology and how can it benefit you?

Chewing Gum Removal Steam Cleaners offer Substantial Business Opportunities: The Gum Guy, one of our most successful steam cleaner chewing gum removal customers in the United States, generated over $85,000 in just 9 weeks using only one Daimer steam cleaner chewing gum removal machine!

See our exciting Chewing Gum Removal Steam Cleaner featured on television and hear about how chewing gum removal is so important.
Click on this Chewing Gum Removal Equipment link to see a television interview featuring The Gum Guy! See our exciting Chewing Gum Removal Steam Cleaner featured on television and hear about how chewing gum removal is so important; not only is gum removal critical for schools and other markets that want to clean their own premises, but also chewing gum removal is one of the hottest money-making business opportunities within the cleaning industry.

* View a partial list of major industries and applications Daimer satisfies: Daimer's clients' industries and applications Read a partial list of product reports, comparisons, and reviews: Daimer's consumer's reports, reviews, and comparisons

Customers Range from the Residential Users to the White House
to Some of the Largest Companies in the World

Our huge list of customers include those ranging from The White House House and most government agencies, homeowners, businesses, educational, healthcare, the largest cleaning companies in the world with over 20,000 cleaning people each, and many others that trust in Daimer steam cleaners each and every day for their steam cleaning requirements.


One of the Industry's Only True Factory-Direct Steam Cleaner Vendors


Daimer is Truly Factory-Direct: Unlike other vendors who offer merely one steam cleaner, or others marketing just a handful of steam cleaners from different factories, or even those steam cleaner resellers who make false Factory-Direct claims, Daimer is unique as we actually sell Factory-Direct and market our one line of steam cleaners direct with the most sophisticated technological features in the industry to customers in virtually ever corner of the earth.

We sell directly to you so we can offer the very best pricing, and then take care of you after the purchase so you can get the very best service. Other companies that resell non-Daimer brands rely on their suppliers to service you after the sale; the result is they have no control whatsoever in the service process and you may wait months for product turnaround.

Daimer's systems are more reliable, and you deal directly with us for service and support; turnaround time is as low as a day or two, virtually unmatched in the industry in the rare event you ever need post sales repair. We challenge anyone in the industry to take care of you faster!



Daimer's Steam Cleaners - Diversification, Power, Price, and Performance Advantages


Price is only one factor in the decision-making process, but other aspects of cleaning equipment are so essential before you make an investment. Why waste any money at all on inferior machines when you do not have to? You may end up buying 10 or more cheap steam cleaners from other companies, for instance, during the life of one Daimer steam cleaner.

Daimer cleaning equipment lasts much longer then others in the industry. Some users of Daimer steam cleaners, pressure washers, and carpet cleaners have been enjoying the wonderful benefits of the same piece of equipment for over 20 years!

We encourage you to simply compare the quality, features, styling, and construction of all our steam cleaners to other brands on the internet or elsewhere, and you can understand how Daimer's hundreds of thousands of customers selected our KleenJet ® steam cleaners for their diverse applications. Daimer prides itself in satisfying the needs of those from home and residential to commercial, industrial, institutional, business, and government customers.

We offer wonderful, technologically superior, powerful steam cleaners at savings of up to $1000.00 and more versus other brands on the market; these non-Daimer machines even offer lower pressure and temperature levels. Other vendors even offer inferior, all-plastic steam cleaners or painted metal cases at higher prices than Daimer's steam cleaners with 100% stainless steel cases.

Do not take chances when the bottom line is no one in the world offers steam cleaners with higher quality workmanship, exclusive proprietary features, and at better values than Daimer ... Guaranteed!

Extensive Applications, Large Customer Base, Consumer's Reports and Reviews


Daimer satisfies virtually unlimited cleaning applications ... from home steam cleaner users who had discarded up to 12 cheap steam cleaners before buying from Daimer to owners of up to 13 birds for cleaning bird cages to restaurants who clean their kitchens and restrooms to some of the largest food manufacturing companies in the world. The uses for Daimer's steam cleaners are practically endless!

Order today, or call us if you have any specific questions relating to your specific needs.

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