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The KleenJet® Supreme 3050CV is a powerful 50 Hz commercial steam cleaning machine that can also function as a steam vacuum cleaner. It features steam temperatures up to 184.4°C and pressure levels up to 7.9 bar. This system also includes a larger recovery tank than the smaller Mega 1050CV. The included continuous refill option is ideal for customers who have larger jobs to complete and do not want to stop to refill the tank.




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steam cleaner, steam cleanersATIS Anti-Bacterial Technology

Daimer Steam Cleaner Systems Now Include
Special Water and HEPA Filtration Technologies

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

* HEPA Filter to 3 microns for extra protection against allergens

* Wet Vacuum Cleaner to extract moisture while cleaning to help eliminate the need for towels required by conventional steam cleaners that include no extraction capability

* Dry Vacuum Cleaner to extract dirt, pollen, dust mites, bed bugs, pet hair, and other allergens from carpet, hard floors, mattresses, and more surfaces and deposits them into water for easy disposal

* Air Purification for a cleaner, fresher indoor air environment

The KleenJet® Supreme 3050CV is a 50Hz commercial steam cleaner that includes a steam vacuum cleaner, ideal for cleaning up liquids and softened dirt residues after use. The Supreme 3050CV features similar attributes to the 1050CV, but has a higher temperature of 184.4°C and a higher pressure level of 7.9 bar.

The 14 liter extraction/vacuum chamber is ideal for large jobs that require more capacity. The Supreme 3050CV is also a self-regulating continuous refill steam cleaner, enabling operators to work continuously throughout any job without needing to shutdown the machine to refill.

Water Ejection and Chemical Ejection are standard with the 3050CV.

Note: Vapor steam cleaners are inappropriate for cleaning industrial equipment and machinery.

Important: Read About the uses, applications, and limitations of Steam Cleaners.

Dry steam is not appropriate for removal of carbonized grease or carbon build-up.

Learn about the Daimer® Difference.

Read about the KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP - ATIS®, Daimer's Certified ANTI-BACTERIAL commercial steam vacuum cleaner featuring patent pending ATIS ® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization) technology.

Read about the KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVGP - ATIS®, Daimer's Chewing Gum Removal Machine combined with certified anti-bacterial commercial steam vacuum cleaner technology.

Read about the benefits of Continuous Refill steam cleaners and Daimer's advanced, patented technology that can maximize productivity.

Review Daimer's 2-Stage Filtration Technology.

Read how to save a fortune on steam cleaner detail brushes. Daimer charges only $2.50 versus up to $20.00 per brush from other vendors.

Read about how Daimer's direct-sales approach results in the lowest prices to you. Compare and review other important issues you should consider when evaluating steam cleaners.

One Example of a Daimer Steam Cleaner Application:
Steam Mopping Using Floor Brush

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

*Steam mop by attaching towel to floor brush under clips.

Product Specifications

System Warranty 1 year on parts/labor, 3 years on partsBoiler WarrantyLifetime
Pressureup to 7.9 bar
Steam Temperatureup to 184.4°C
Continuous RefillYes
Boiler Volume5 liters
Water Chamber Capacity4 liters
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel
Presurized TankN/A
Pressure CapN/A
ATIS ® TechnologyN/A
Detergent Chamber Size2 liters
Heating Elementremovable rod
Heating Time (cold)Approx. 15 min
Heating Time (hot)Approx. 10 min
Operating Timecontinuous use
Extraction Chamber Size14 liters
Vacuum Suction2200mm water column lift
HEPA FilterYes
Water FiltrationYes
Steam Hose Length3.5 meters
Steam Vac Hose Length3.5 meters
Optional Steam Hose4.9 meters
Optional Steam Vac Hose7.3 meters
Cover MaterialDurable Plastic
Base MaterialStainless Steel
Powerdual 1600 watt (total 3200 watts for 2 circuits)
Weight31.3 kg
Dimensions91.4 cm L x 68.6 cm W x 91.4 cm H

Parts List


Daimer's advanced, patented features unavailable through any other vendor


Steam Cleaner, Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners HEPA Filters

steam vacuum cleaners



steam cleaners

Free Steam Cleaner Brushes


Free Bonus for Ordering Online:

6 Extra Extra Plushy Microfiber Towels Valued at Over $19.00

Standard Parts / Quantity

Ten Foot Detachable Steam Hose with Heavy-Duty Connections
Extra Heavy-Duty Steam Extension Rods
Large Triangular Brush with Towel Clips
Large Rectangular Brush with Towel Clips
Steam Squeegee for Mirrors and Windows
Single Hole Steam Lance for Brush Attachment
Nylon Detail Brush
Brass Detail Brush
Stainless Steel Detail Brush
Daimer Steam Scraper
Round Detail Brush
Daimer Steam Plunger to Sanitize Bathroom Sink Drains
Small Triangular Brush for Corners etc...
Steel Wool Pad to place Over Some Brushes to Target Grease Buildup
Steam/Vac Floor Tool
Steam/Vac Grout Cleaning Tool
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Squeegee Floor Tool Insert
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Brush Strip Floor Tool Insert
Steam/Vac Carpet Tool Floor Insert
Steam/Vac Squeegee for Window and Glass Cleaning
Cloth for Steam/Vac Squeegee
Single Hole Steam/Vac Lance
Upholstery Nozzle
Extra Heavy-Duty Steam/Vac Extension Rod
Ten Foot Detachable Steam/Vac Hose
Plush Microfiber Towels
Instruction Manual




I have been in the grout cleaning business for years and nothing cleans grout like my Daimer 3000CV! I absolutely love the power (3000 watts) of the steam vacuum cleaner with the 2 power cords. I had used another brand that cost me $1700.00 before I switched to Daimer. The other steam cleaner system was a smaller unit with no vacuum, and I must say the vacuum saves me hours over using a towel attached to a floor brush like I did with the other brand.

I also love the steam extraction grout tool that has eliminated wiping the grout lines with a towel. Plus, all those towels I had to change when cleaning the tile with that other over-priced steam cleaner, which didn't present the best image in front of customers. I had to bring as many as 3 dozen towels and now that has stopped. The Daimer system allows me to clean up to 300 square feet per hour versus as low as 100 square feet with the other model, and I am making more profits than I did with the steam cleaner I used before.

Thanks Daimer for actually increasing my income. I would highly recommend this steam vac to any tile and grout cleaning contractor who doesn't want to fool around with a toy like I did! I was so happy with my 3000CV I bought an Ultra 1500C.


Cole W.
Grout cleaning company


Great machine! Not only does it have all the features I need for my employees, but it includes lots of extras. That's a real plus in this economy. We've been using it for all types of hard floors -- hardwood, tile, linoleum. Recently, I've been telling customers that it removes allergens, which has added new business. (One pet store clients asked me to clean his home because his wife has allergies.)

I also like that machine is easy to use, so I don't need to spend a lot of time teaching new employees to operate it.

Arturo S.
Oceanside, CA


Dear Daimer,
I purchased a 3000CVGP last September and I've been very happy with it. Also, I wanted to commend you on your knowledgeable sales staff. I need a powerful unit for both removing gum and disinfecting jobs at my nursing home clients. Your sale associate steered me to this machine and I've been very satisfied with the capacity, steam power, temperature and the way it takes up gum. I use it on sidewalks, playgrounds and inside a local school.
Recently, I added a couple of health club customers all because of the ATIS® sanitizing system.

John V.
Jersey City, NJ


I have been using two KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP steam cleaners for my pest control business. They're reliable, fast, kill bed bugs dead as a doornail. Being able to tell my clients that these [ATIS®] systems also kill germs, has helped me win jobs.


Peter G.
Bangor, ME

Steamers: The Right Choice for Cleaning Sealed Concrete

Sealed concrete is very popularly used these days in areas that experience heavy traffic. These floors are exceptionally durable and therefore resist wearing for years. Sealed concrete refers to concrete surfaces that feature a glossy, protective layer that adds shine to the surface. In commercial settings, sealed concrete can easily get dirty with grease and grime, and more. To clean off such tough deposits, you must be equipped with the best steam cleaners, such as industrial steam cleaners.

Using the best steam cleaning machines like floor steam cleaners offers numerous advantages. The steam ejected by floor steamer machines quickly and effectively dissolves the toughest dirt and grease deposits. The dissolved deposits and remaining moisture will be easily extracted with the vacuum cleaning functions of the floor steam cleaner systems. Steam generated by the floor steamer machines offers outstanding cleaning power.

Reputed suppliers now offer a wide range of steam cleaning machines designed to help maintain different types of floors. The KleenJet® Supreme 3050CV from Daimer® is an ideal machine for sealed concrete floors. This floor steam cleaner generates steam at temperatures of 184.4°C and pressure levels of 7.9 bar to clean off dried deposits of dirt and grime.

The wet vacuuming and dry vacuuming functions of these commercial steam cleaners ensure efficient extraction of moisture and dissolved deposits from floors. HEPA filtration technologies in the best steam cleaners help extract allergens and particulate matter from surfaces. The air purification capabilities of the steam cleaning equipment ensure clean and fresh indoor air.

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