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The KleenJet® Pro Plus 350CS offers similar functionality to the Pro Plus 250S,including pressure levels of 5.2 bar, a variable pressure dial, and a steam temperature of 154°C. However the machine also includes Daimer®'s exclusive continuous refill technology, useful for those who do not wish to stop to refill the boiler during long periods of use.

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The KleenJet® Pro Plus 350CS offers similar features as the Pro Plus 200S, but boasts continuous refill technology designed for extended periods of use This technology is offered exclusively through Daimer® and allows the user to refill the 2 liter refill chamber while the machine is still in use. Other systems require users to shut the machine down, refill, and reheat, a time consuming process. Ideal for users who complete longer applications, this 50Hz steam cleaning machine also offers an adjustable pressure dial up to 5.2 bar and steam temperatures up to 154°C.

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 350CS includes a large rectangular floor brush with towel clips for steam mopping with included microfiber towels, as well as an assortment of other accessories/brushes pictured below.


Important! Before considering any other steam cleaners on the market.

Read how Daimer's patented replaceable heating elements can save you hundreds of dollars over other steam cleaner brands.

Read about the uses, applications, and limitations of steam cleaners.

Learn about the Daimer® Difference.

Read about the benefits of Continuous Refill steam cleaners and how it can maximize productivity.

Learn how vapor steam cleaners are inappropriate for cleaning industrial equipment and machinery.

Dry steam is not appropriate for removal of carbonized grease or carbon build-up.

Read how to save a fortune on steam cleaner detail brushes. Daimer charges only $2.50 versus up to $20.00 per brush from other vendors.

Read about how Daimer's direct-sales approach results in the lowest prices to you. Compare and review other important issues you should consider when evaluating steam cleaners.

One Example of a Daimer Steam Cleaner Application:
Steam Mopping Using Floor Brush

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

*Steam mop by attaching towel to floor brush under clips.


Product Specifications

System Warranty 1 year on parts/labor, 3 years on partsBoiler WarrantyLifetime
Pressureup to 5.2 bar
Steam Temperatureup to 154ºC
Continuous RefillYes
Boiler Volume2 liters
Water Chamber Capacity2 liters
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel
Presurized TankN/A
Pressure CapN/A
ATIS ® TechnologyN/A
Detergent Chamber SizeN/A
Heating Elementremovable rod
Heating Time (cold)Approx. 15 min
Heating Time (hot)Approx. 10 min
Operating Timecontinuous use
Extraction Chamber SizeN/A
Vacuum SuctionN/A
HEPA FilterN/A
Water FiltrationN/A
Steam Hose Length3.5 meters
Steam Vac Hose LengthN/A
Optional Steam HoseN/A
Optional Steam Vac HoseN/A
Cover MaterialStainless Steel
Base MaterialStainless Steel
Power1600 watts
Dimensions40.6 cm L x 30.5 cm W x 25.4 cm H

Parts List

Daimer's advanced, patented features unavailable through any other vendor.


Free Bonus for Ordering Online:

5 Extra Extra Plushy Microfiber Towels Valued at Over $15.00

Standard Parts / Quantity

Ten Foot Detachable Steam Hose with Heavy-Duty Towel Clip
BONUS! Extra Heavy-Duty Extension Rods - $75.00 Value
Large Triangular Brush with Towel Clips
Large Rectangular Floor Brush with Towel Clips for Steam Mopping
Steam Squeegee for Mirrors and Windows
Single Hole Steam Lance for Brush Attachment
Nylon Detail Brush
Brass Detail Brush
Stainless Steel Detail Brush
Round Detail Brush
Daimer Exclusive Steam Scraper
Daimer Exclusive Steam Plunger for Bathroom Sink Drains
Small Triangular Brush for Corners, etc...
Steel Wool Pad to Place Over Some Brushes to Target Grease Buildup
Water Refill Bottle
Plush Microfiber Towel



Small Things That Make a Big Difference In Commercial Steamer Machines

The standard features of a commercial steam cleaner are quite well known even among people who are new to the cleaning industry. Yet, one mistake such people often make is that they just go by the merits of standard features, like output temperature, pressure, or power rating.

However, as with any other machine, the actual performance of the commercial steam cleaner machines does not just depend on the standard feature. Even the following minor factors influence the utility of commercial steam cleaners.

Removable Hose

For many models of professional steam cleaners, the hose is fixed with the machine. You cannot detach the hose from the industrial steam cleaners. It poses some problems.

It may not be always easy to take the portable steam cleaners from one place to another. Also, if the hose gets damaged, you will have to send the entire unit to fix the problem. You can now have professional steam cleaners with removable hoses.

Removable Heating Elements

Another small, but important hardware innovation present in the machines is replaceable heating elements for industrial steam cleaners. For most steam cleaning machines, heating rods are welded on to the boiler tank.

For machines, such as KleenJet® Pro Plus 350CS, available from Daimer®, the heating rod is not fixed with the boiler. You do not have to replace the entire boiler tank, but just the heating rod in case the rod gets damaged. It can cost up an extraordinarily high cost of $800 or more to replace a boiler.

Other Features

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 350CS machine offers pressure dial of up to 5.2 bar and steam temperatures of up to 154°C. These 50Hz steam cleaning machines include a large rectangular floor brush with towel clips for steam mopping with included microfiber towels and other accessories or brushes.

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