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daimer steam cleaner

The First Vapor Steam Cleaners Sold in the United States

Daimer Offers High Pressure Vapor Steam


Traditional steam cleaners lack the power and temperature associated with higher powered vapor steam cleaners, which exert pressure starting at 65 psi and temperatures starting at 295°F. Unfortunately, weaker pressure levels and lower temperatures offered in most steam cleaners in the industry result in lower cleaning power than the best vapor steam cleaners, which are ideal to effectively help sanitize, disinfect, deodorize, kill dust mites and other allergens, mold and mildew, tile and grout cleaning, tile cleaning, auto detailing, and many other benefits and applications. Home, commercial, and industrial vapor steam cleaners are among the most sought after cleaning machines in the industry. We suggest carefully evaluating product specifications among vapor steam cleaner brands and seriously consider the most powerful models if you wish to maximize cleaning power and satisfaction.

Over 80 Vapor Steam Cleaners

Daimer is pleased to offer the industry's largest line of patented, commercial, and industrial vapor steam cleaners, and all from one factory. We supply vapor steam cleaners, steam vacuum cleaners, continuous refill dual tank models to satisfy virtually all steam cleaning requirements.

While we offer patented features resulting in superior and maximum cleaning results, other vapor steam cleaner vendors fall short in their offerings. Lower pressure levels and temperatures in competitors' models and the comparable lack of vapor steam flow simply lead to customer dissatisfaction. Comparative shopping is critical before making any decisions on vapor steam cleaners.

Consider Daimer as your source for the best vapor steam cleaning machines that will stand the test of time.

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