October 23, 2014

A Commercial Carpet Cleaner for Your Office

Okay, so you know the drill with carpet by now. It is an outstanding noise reducer but it requires an insane amount of upkeep. For starters, you will need to make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner on hand to take care of the dirt, dust, and perhaps even dried mud that accumulates over the course of a day. If you are running a business, then you will need to do this every single day or potentially risk permanent damage to your floors, and that is not something you want to deal with. This is especially true considering the cost to replace floors these days, even carpet. In a house it would be expensive enough, but in the case of a business, carpet simply goes on, and on, and on, and in replacing it you would be force to move equipment, desks, chairs, and it would simply be too expensive in terms of service cost and lost productivity. That being said, you have a lot of things to think about, and you should definitely consider a commercial grade carpet steam cleaner. Your first instinct, of course, might be to seek out a basic consumer model carpet cleaner, and if you were in a home that might be okay, but in an industrial setting things are a bit different. A commercial carpet cleaner will do a far better job for a few very different reasons.

Why You Should Choose Commercial over Consumer

As you seek out a commercial carpet cleaner for sale, you will probably find that the price is a bit off putting.  What you may not realize however, is that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to a commercial grade steam cleaner. So what features would you typically be looking for in a steam cleaner? What is it that sets the commercial models apart from those home based models is the level of quality and the parts that are used to construct the unit. While a home model is great for using once in a while, you cannot bring it out on a regular basis. Holidays, and for the occasional spill, absolutely, but if you want regularly clean your carpets, you are going to need to break out the big guns. Instead of a fragile unit that clogs up at the drop of a hat, you will need something that can run for several hours at a time and even withstand a change of water during cleaning. That last part might sound a bit ludicrous, but there are many commercial carpet cleaners that can take a water change during operation, which cuts out quite a bit of downtime, especially if you are on a deadline and the unit needs a minute or two to head up.

Choices and Decisions

In looking at commercial carpet cleaners for sale you will have to decide whether you want a machine that is heated or non-heated. You will also want to use an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning lquid. All of Daimer’s machines are environmentally friendly, and Daimer's Eco-Green® Carpet Care is environmentally firendly,  you will not need to worry about dangerous chemicals ruining your day any time soon.

Heated mdeols are far prefereable to non-heated carpet extractors. By spraying a mist of hot water onto the carpet, the dirt and dust that has been ground in and adhered to the carpet will be loosened, and then sucked into the unit. This is an outstanding method of carpet cleaning, and one that you will want to consider for your own establishment.

When you are choosing one, it will be a good idea to find one that has high water capacity though potentially a low flow rate. This will help to ensure that the floor does not become ‘too’ wet, and will help achieve faster drying times. That said, there is nothing quite as important as making sure your building remains clean, and that you do not choose the wrong cleaning equipment in the pursuit of that endeavor.

Take a look at what Daimer has to offer today. You might just be surprised at the sheer variety, from the amount of vacuum power that each device brings to the table, to the length of hose included. You are in good hands with Daimer whether you have decided to take your house cleaning to the next level or want to stay up to code within your own office building. You know what they say about cleanliness, and you’re about to blow all the standards out of the water. 


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