June 17, 2016

Finding Revenue with Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Commercial Carpet CleanerIt should come as no surprise that keeping carpets clean takes time & manual effort that is hard to come by. When running any business, finding revenue can always make a bad day a good one. Did you know one can be as simple as utilizing a Daimer Industries commercial carpet cleaner? 

Many competing products will have you utilizing the machine multiple times to get the end result that you desire. The cost of running the machine additional times as well as paying a staff member for their time can prove to eat into the bottom line. 

DIY - Using The Right Carpet Cleaner for The Job

Daimer Industries commercial carpet cleaners do one thing very well. They clean efficiently. This will certainly make your life easier and reduce wasted time of re-cleaning certain areas. With a more efficient cleaner, you will not only clean fast, but clean less. Hiring expensive carpet cleaning services can end up costing many thousands of dollars as the years continue. You should stop the madness and purchase a Daimer carpet cleaner to start putting that money back into your pocket. 

Commercial carpet cleaners do not require any sort of advanced certifications or training to utlize one. Therefore, you can eliminate paying the high prices for renting a commercial unit that has been used in disastrous situations. 

Product Engineering is Critical

Daimer Industries goes above and beyond. Did you know we have been awarded many patents on our products? That's right, you are gaining access to patented technology that cannot be found elsewhere in the market place. This is because we truly believe the commercial carpet cleaner could have been improved. Our engineers did just that. 

Our machines do not break and need to be replaced as much as our competitors. We intentionally created our machines to be modular in a sense. So if a product breaks, we are here to sell you the part to fix it. This greatly reduces costs and will improve your bottom line. 

Many of our customers rave about our products and many are still running that are well over 20 years in service. These commercial carpet cleaners are designed to live up to daily uses. Daimer produces the highest quality carpet cleaning machines and you need to truly see it for itself. 

Hours of Cleaning is Money

Many commercial steam cleaners take a great deal of time to heat the water. The effectiveness of a commercial carpet cleaner is primarily based on the heat of the water. Additional waiting time for water to heat up is inefficient. Many of our X-treme units take up to 5 minutes so you can get the job done quicker. Once they do heat up, you will find yourself with a "one and done" situation. You clean it once and after it dries you will be satisfied with the outcome. 

Clean Not Just Carpet but Upholstery

After cleaning your floors, you may notice that your upholstery also needs cleaning. You do not need to purchaes a seperate machine for cleaning upholstery.  This can save you hundreds or even thousaands of dollars when you factor in the savings of one machine doing the job of two! The upholstery wand is an add-on that you can purchase at any time. Say goodbye to those tough upholstery stains once and for all. 

Low-Flow Option Means Quicker Drying

Have a small stain that you need to remove from your carpet but can't afford to wait many hours for it to dry? Well there is good news, all of our models come with a low-flow setting. This low-flow setting will effectively force the commercial carpet cleaner to reduce the output of water which means a faster dry time. This is because the pad under the carpet will not be drowning in water due to your selection of low-flow setting. If you thought you had to close down your business for your carpet to dry, think again. Tthe advanced technology that commercial carpet cleaners offered by Daimer provides. 

Your New Found Revenue

Daimer Industries and the products we offer are built to give you more value for your dollar. New found revenue is found in many ways as shared within this article. Some of them include: Staff time, reduction of number of uses to effectively clean, adding on the upholstery wand, not having to purchase an upholstery machine, elimination of hiring a carpet cleaning company, renting dirty machines, and more. This is just to name a few. Your new found revenue can be applied any way you wish. Put your trust in our X-Treme Power by Daimer Industries to start realizing this new found revenue! 


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