April 01, 2016

Heat vs. the Carpet: How the Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Works

Carpets are notorious for clinging to anything that happens to come near them, be it dust, coffee, applesauce, dirt, or a myriad of other things tracked in throughout the day. They also generally aren't willing to give up their spoils, no matter much water, scrubbing, and pulling goes into the cleaning process. This means a lot of homes and businesses find themselves either spending the money to re-carpet every few years, or tearing up their carpet and replacing it with another flooring material.

Fortunately, carpet extractors are here to save the day. (And your carpet. And your wallet.) We at Daimer offer high quality machines designed to tackle the most stubborn of stains, reducing the time you spend cleaning while giving better results. This means you have more time to devote to other tasks, and to ensure a long lifespan, we utilize the highest quality components and self cleaning technology. Our heating rods are also removable, so in the event that they break or fail, you can easily replace the rod without having the purchase an entirely new machine.

Heat works so well when cleaning because hot water has more kinetic energy than cold water, which encourages dirt and grime to let go of the fibers they are attached to. Meanwhile, any stubborn oils will probably reach their melting point and then be promptly vacuumed up; they can't stick and become a bigger problem later.

Cleaning chemicals also work better in hot water for the same reason; the molecules doing the cleaning are more energetic, so they can better dissolve through a mess. This means machines that utilize hot water are a great way to clean heavily soiled carpet, particularly one plagued by mold, mildew, or other items that can become severe health factors. Be it simply cleaning a patch of dirt that would make a client whisper "ew" and not want to sit down, or getting rid of mold to ensure the health of your facility, hot water cleaners are the most effective way to do so. It also means you don't have to resort to heavy chemicals that may cause health issues while not even cleaning as well as hot water from a well-designed machine. With Daimer, you win no matter what the issue is.

Commercial Carpet Extractor

The Benefits of a Heated Commercial Carpet Extractor

The best commercial carpet extractor available works by injecting heated water deep into the carpet's pile, and can be enhanced even further through the use of our eco-friendly cleaning agents. The heat of the water helps blast grime and dirt off of the carpet's fibers, while a powerful suction feature works to completely extract the mess to leave carpets clean, fresh, and ready for use in the quickest possible time.

High temperature, low-water carpet extractors are also notably effective because they allow you to clean your carpets without having to set aside a full day or two to let them dry. All of our models dry within eight hours, allowing you to host large events and handle the mess brought in by numerous customers without fear. This also means you can afford to let a stain sit if you're needed elsewhere, or don't have cleaning products on hand.

That said, hot carpet cleaners generally shoulder not be used on wool or other natural fibers, as the heat may cause them to shrink. At Daimer, however, we strive to offer the best commercial carpet extractor, and that means creating one that can safely handle such materials. Our multi-functional machines are able to independently use both hot and cold water, meaning you can use the same machine for any carpet. We also offer numerous attachments that can be used to clean furniture, stairs, upholstery, and other hard to reach areas that love to collect dirt. This also allows our machines to clean mattresses--which removes skin irritants and allergens that may be causing sore throat and skin rashes while also killing bedbugs--and other household items that are often a challenge to clean effectively.

We also believe in convenience--which is why we offer portable carpet cleaners that are just as powerful as full-sized ones, able to reach cleaning temperature in minutes while being able to either spot clean a spill or perform a full room deep clean. Cleaning pressure can also be adjusted to best fit the type off carpet you are tending to.

Your home or business deserves the best, and that's why we create our products with this in mind. Make sure you have the right tools for the job; ask a Daimer product specialist with any application or technology questions, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. For  more information on our best commercial carpet extractor, visit our website


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