February 22, 2016

Three Types of Molds a Heated Commercial Carpet Extractor Can Remove

Heated Carpet ExtractorIf you're dealing with aged carpet, or carpet that's survived over months or years in an overly moist or humid environment, there's a good possibility that you're facing mold contamination. Extreme mold infestations can be deadly when inhaled consistently without intervention, and can cause allergies and foul odors at the minimum as a baseline problem. There's no doubt about it, mold will create unnecessary sickness and is often completely preventable.

One surefire way to prevent mold in your carpet is to keep up with regular maintenance; in other words, don't wait for a problem to occur before you treat your carpet. A carpet that's well maintained will feel newer for longer, and will last longer and outlive other carpets that aren't maintained and undergo the same (or even less) wear and tear.

Using a heated commercial carpet extractor can not only remove the toughest and most stubborn stains, but it can be a life saver in terms of facilitating great carpet health.

Visible Mold Stains

In order for mold to grow, it needs moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface – all of which can typically be found in carpet that hasn't been well maintained or taken care of. Most mold on your carpet will not be identifiable by sight; rather, you'll likely be effected by the mold allergen, and then put the clues together to solve the puzzle of where your mold is originating from. In some circumstances, however, mold might be detectable from a visual inspection. It's in these circumstances that a mold infestation has gotten out of control, and carpet may or may not be salvaged.

In order to make the most of these situations, the only way to salvage your moldy carpet is via heated carpet extraction. A commercial grade heated carpet extractor will powerfully project hot on the contaminated surface before extracting (vacuuming up) the visible stains.


Sometimes darkened spots appear that don't visibly resemble what we know mold looks like. In these cases, the culprit is likely to be mold's pesky cousin, mildew. Mildew and mold are very much alike, but mildew is often the more pungent odor and is usually a little more difficult to detect visibly. If mildew has been spotted, there's likely a greater problem underneath the carpet as well as on top of the carpet (and possibly even through to the subfloor).

If mildew effects the carpet only, a heated carpet extractor should do the trick in removing the fungus, sanitizing the space, drying it out thoroughly, and removing that stout smell.

Water Damage Carpet Mold

When water damage occurs, mold is likely to grow if the area has not been thoroughly treated. In these cases, depending on how severe the damage is, carpet is sometimes savable. If mold has started to grow, but has not overtaken the carpet and subfloor, there's a great chance that a heated carpet extractor will save your carpet and bring it back to life. In order for this to occur, a carpet usually needs to be cleaned and dried thoroughly within 24-48 hours of the water damaging incident.

Why a Heated Carpet Extractor?

You might be wondering why a heated carpet extracting machine is necessary in place of a non-heated extractor, or even a regular carpet cleaner. In short, the high temperatures that are emitted with a hot water extractor are necessary to kill any bacteria that is living and growing in your carpet. Mold grows rapidly, so any and every effort to kill every spore should be made. To consider approaching the job without the use of the hottest water possible is a terrible mistake that will prove to be fruitless in your mold killing efforts.

Daimer heated carpet extractors are the most powerful extractors in the industry, and can remove, sanitize, and deodorize even the toughest in stains and bacterias, including tough moldy spots that are believed to be impossible to remove.

Before you toss that carpet into the garbage and pay big bucks to have new carpet installed, consider investing in a piece of equipment that could save you loads of money in the long run: one of Daimer's heated carpet extractors.


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