Amusement and Recreation Parks Cleaning

Amusement and Recreation Parks Cleaning
4 Amusement and Recreation Parks Cleaning
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Using High Powered Pressure Washers for Cleaning of Amusement and Recreation Parks

Cleaning crowded public places presents one of the biggest challenges to professional cleaners. Public places like commercial parks, water parks, and public green places must be cleaned at regular intervals to attract people. A well-cared for park and garden creates a great first impression. Playing equipment in a public garden must also be cleaned using play systems cleaning equipment.

Why Pressure Washers Can Clean Better?

Comprehensive cleaning of recreation parks equipment can be done more efficiently using technologically-advanced cleaning machines. Pressure washers are considered the best for cleaning commercial parks equipment because they can clean better and faster than ordinary cleaning systems.

Park equipment can attract dirt and grime faster, as they are placed outdoors and handled by hundreds of visitors daily. There could be stubborn deposits on these parks equipment that cannot be removed using ordinary pressure washers. Cleaning professionals prefer using advanced pressure cleaning systems that are capable of generating extremely high pressure levels that can blast away accumulated dirt, mud, and grime.

High Performance Daimer Pressure Washers

Daimer®, the best known supplier of advanced cleaning machines in the US and globally, offers powerful pressure washer systems that are capable of generating more than 3000 PSI pressure needed for cleaning public green places equipment or for baseball parks equipment cleaning.

Daimer®’s Super Max™ 10880 is highly recommended for cleaning water/aqua park equipment or for outdoor fitness equipment cleaning. The powerful, gasoline-powered, oil-heated steam pressure washer is one of the most rugged pressure washers available. The added power of steam makes the cleaning process faster and delivers enhanced cleaning results. It offers the highest steam temperature of the industry at 330°F.

The Super Max™ 12300 is a tri-mode system that can be used independently as a cold water, hot water, or steam pressure washer. It can be as used as freestanding items cleaning equipment and cleans comprehensively with its high pressure of 3000 PSI and flow rate of 5 GPM. It is ideal for tackling tough cleaning applications in crowded public places.

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