Best Cat Urine Cleaning Products

Best Cat Urine Cleaning Products
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Cat Urine Cleaning Products - Remove Cat Urine Odors from Carpets

Unneutered male cats, kittens that are not fully potty-trained, cats that are older or cats that don't like 'full' litter boxes can be a no-no when it comes to carpeting. Why? It is because when they answer the call of nature, whether it is general urinating or spraying their territory, they leave behind a very odorous stain within the carpet. If the urine is tended to immediately, it can be blotted up with a damp cloth or paper towel. However, such a method does not remove the insidious smell. To remove both the stain and smell from a cat's accident, one needs to be aware of the best cat urine cleaning products currently out on the market.

Two types of cat urine cleaning products exist: those that contain chemicals and those that don't. The latter are considered to be 'green' because they are good for the environment; they should be the main ones considered among cat urine cleaning products. Eco-Green ®, a carpet cleaning solution made from Daimer, is an example of a green carpet cleaning solution that can tackle the problem of cat urine. Eco-Green ® can be used with a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner like Daimer's XTreme Power® or Daimer's KleenJet® models. Eco-Green® kills any germs resulting from the cat urine while deodorizing and actually removing the stain, as long as the urine has not actually "bleached" the color from the carpet.

Eco-Green® is much better and more effective cat urine cleaning product that that found in a grocery store and is worth seriously considering as all natural formula makes it a safer choice for not only oneself and environment, but also the pet. It is important to remember that cats are closer to the ground than humans, thus if a harsh carpet cleaning chemical is used for getting up urine stains in favor of a green carpet cleaning solution, the cat could potentially breath in higher concentrations of chemicals. Additionally, the infamous carpet cleaning residue left behind with these brands can get on their paws and fur, which could lead to problems with the health of their skin. This is why if a chemical-based cat urine cleaning product must be used, it is important to vacuum before and after the carpet cleaning regime.

In conclusion, there is no need to fret when the pet cat decides to relieve itself on the carpet since there cat urine cleaning products exist specially designed for this problem. These products can be all natural or made from chemicals, but the ones that should be used are the more eco-friendly cat urine cleaning products and chemical brands. Daimer's Eco-Green ® is a prime example of one of the best of cat urine carpet cleaning products, since it takes care of the problem without being hazardous. All of this is at a price that is really not much different than some of the leading chemical-based cat urine cleaning products.

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