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Mold is composed of tiny microscopic spores that can wreak havoc on health. Fresh and clean surroundings are a must for everyone's well-being, whether at home or within a commercial or industrial setting. Considering the high incidences of health problems, most organizations and industries worldwide are taking extra care towards achieving green cleaning (using more natural cleaning equipment and environmentally-friendly chemicals) and the maximum amount of cleanliness possible. Evaluating and purchasing the best and most effective cleaning equipment, cleaning supply and cleaning products are crucial to maximizing cleaning power, productivity, and overall effectiveness.

Besides janitorial or environmental services staff in many commercial and non-commercial markets, professional cleaning services contractors are hired to carry out cleaning jobs to make facilities healthy and clean. Hygienic surroundings reduce health risks, which are partially the result of germs, allergens, pests, nuisance insects, microbes, filthy restrooms, grimy garbage cans, dirty driveways, unclean buildings, soiled carpets, messy floors, dirty automobiles, etc. Top quality professional cleaning services are required for the betterment of any business or industry, and to achieve the highest possible standard of hygiene and tidiness.

Cleaning can be especially difficult in large airports, railway and bus stations, hospitals, food manufacturing plants and facilities, restaurants, retail stores, industrial plants with production and other greasy/heavy machinery, schools, and numerous other commercial and industrial facilities and sites. Cleaning services contractors need to use hi-tech, advanced cleaning equipment to provide the ultimate in efficiency with effective cleaning results and solutions. Cleaning supply and cleaning products should be purchased from reliable sources that can meet cleaning services contractors' needs.

Fortunately, the demand for experienced and well-equipped cleaning services contractors is huge, but the competition is fierce. Commercial cleaning services contractors must provide excellent work and achieve outstanding results, always seeking to exceed customers' expectations. However, the right cleaning equipment, cleaning supply, and cleaning products are critical to a commercial cleaning contractor's success. Daimer can help!

How Daimer's cleaning equipment, cleaning supply, and cleaning products help cleaning services contractors increase business potential?

Daimer's high-quality cleaning equipment, cleaning supply, and cleaning products are designed to provide outstanding cleaning results to commercial cleaning services contractors and others. Cleaning services contractors must ensure they invest in rugged, high-quality machines which will last for many years. Since they are making an investment in cleaning equipment to stand the test of time, commercial cleaning services contractors must avoid buying low-quality cleaning equipment that lack advanced features, may breakdown frequently, and yield high operational costs.

Price should not be your chief factor when investing in the cleaning equipment you will use day in and day out. Daimer only offers the highest-quality cleaning equipment components in every cleaning machine for unmatched quality and reliability. Our cleaning supply and cleaning products contain advanced technologies and virtually unmatched performance.

Daimer's superior cleaning equipment - carpet cleaning machines, steam vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and floor cleaners come with various useful accessories and tools. Cleaning jobs can be done in up to half the time, and using our cleaning equipment will help increase profit. We help commercial cleaning services contractors maximize their productivity so they can devote time pursuing more lucrative business opportunities. See our advanced line of cleaning supply and cleaning products, including all natural, completely green cleaning chemicals that can take virtually unlimited cleaning applications.

Good cleaning results are noticed by one and all, resulting in references and testimonials. This can lead to getting more cleaning contracts. Moreover, high quality cleaning equipment help build a professional image.

Daimer's cleaning equipment is easy-to-use and comes with various multi-purpose attachments. We bundle the right tools and accessories with each specialized piece of cleaning equipment and suggest/offer a multitude of other cleaning products and cleaning supplies so you can perform the desired cleaning job correctly and efficiently.

Cleaning Services for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants have to maintain clean facilities, or the results can be health code violations, an increase in vacancies for hotels, and a loss of business for restaurants. These facilities require clean floor surfaces, windows, doors, walls, carpets, upholstery and more. To help ensure floors, carpets, and upholstery remain clean, most hotels, motels, and restaurants either use their facilities maintenance crew or else hire outside cleaning contractor services.

Commercial cleaning services contractors are essential to the success of the hotel and restaurant industries, providing cleaning services for restaurants, bars, fitness centers, resorts, spas, guest rooms, swimming pools, etc. Cleaning services contractors jobs also involve kitchen cleaning service, cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods, degreasing and cleaning quarry tile and grout as well as all surfaces, cleaning ovens, baking trays, grills, etc., and especially those hard to reach areas. The right cleaning supply and cleaning products are critical in the hospitality industry.

Cleaning Contractor Services for Hospitals

Many hospitals use their housekeeping staff to clean throughout their facilities, but often they hire outside cleaning services contractors, who offer cleaning services to ensure the good health of patients, doctors and visitors. A clean and hygienic environment will impress visitors and help keep patients healthy and happy. After all, hospitals are loaded with germs, bacteria, and viruses, all of which can be a serious threat to patients, visitors, nurses, doctors, administrators, and other hospital staff.

Cleaning is absolutely critical in the following areas: patients' rooms, operating rooms, neo-natal rooms, restrooms, laboratories, emergency rooms, hospital stores, etc. Proper cleaning involves thorough cleaning of restrooms, toilets, tile, grout, flooring, carpets and upholstery, walls, doors, windows, visitors' areas and more. Infection control is one of the key concerns within hospitals; therefore, the highest level of cleanliness and safety need to be maintained at all times. Cleaning products and cleaning supply are as important in the hospital sector as they are within any other industry.

Cleaning Services Contractors, Janitorial Services, and Facilities Maintenance for Schools/Colleges/Churches

Churches, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, boarding schools, day care centers, and other schools and educational facilities need complete cleaning services to maintain their entire facility. Cleanliness at schools and colleges help to maintain optimum health and well-being of students, faculty, and others.

Besides using their own facilities management staff, schools and colleges also hire the services of professional janitors to maintain their restrooms, common areas, libraries, offices, class rooms, washrooms, parking areas, play areas, dormitories, kitchens, dining halls etc. Some cleaning tasks among others are floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window and light fixture cleaning.

Churches and religious institutions also use their own janitorial staff, but also hire cleaning services contractors with or without their own cleaning equipment to keep restrooms, tile and grout, walls, pillars, and other areas of the church clean for the staff and congregation. They can hire weekly or monthly janitorial services for the cleaning job. Specific cleaning supply and cleaning products can be used to target specific applications for janitorial services and facilities maintenance.

Cleaning Contractor Services for Apartment Complexes

Apartment managers must maintain the utmost in cleanliness around their facilities, especially when in lobbies, elevators, escalators and other areas such as restrooms, carpets, floors, kitchens, laundry rooms, entrances, stairs, parking areas, and common areas. Besides using their own cleaning staff, apartment owners and managers hire the services of commercial cleaning services contractors on a regular basis to help maintain cleanliness. Cleaning services contractors using high-end cleaning equipment have a better chance of getting repeat contracts, thereby increasing revenue and profit. Once again, the right cleaning supply and cleaning products are important so apartment complexes can appear as fresh and clean as possible.

Daimer's Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning Services Contractors

Steam Cleaners: Daimer offers worldwide over 200 models of models of steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners for commercial cleaning services. Daimer's continuous-refill KleenJet steam vacuum cleaners are perfect for all day cleaning without the towel manipulation of conventional steam cleaners. Clean and extract from tile/grout, hard water rust stains, linoleum, upholstery/carpet stains, countertops, inside ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, and so much more. Daimer's steam vacuum cleaners even help kill and extract dust mites, bed bugs, pollen, fleas, and other allergens in carpets, upholstery, and mattresses!

Key features of Daimer's steam vacuum cleaners are adjustable vapor pressure, powerful vacuum suction, long operating time, durable stainless steel housing, and special patented features unavailable through any other steam vacuum cleaner brand in the world.

Pressure washers: Daimer offers many tri-mode steam pressure cleaning system models featuring a combination of Steam Pressure Washer, Hot Pressure Washer, and Cold Pressure Washer. In fact, you can switch to any mode depending upon your needs. Daimer's Super Max commercial and industrial pressure washer cleaners serve as excellent floor care, wall cleaning equipment, concrete cleaning machines, commercial and industrial production cleaning equipment, and more. This commercial cleaning equipment cleans surfaces and pores deeply using very high temperatures, and in a fraction of the time of other pressure washer brands.

Daimer's pressure washers also help commercial cleaning services contractors clean and degrease many other surfaces effectively and in a hassle-free manner. Steam pressure washers even help melt and dissolve grease, oil, food particles, and much more. Some of Daimer's pressure washers include the Super Max 6000, Super Max 7000, Super Max 9000, Vapor-Flo 8800, and other more powerful pressure washers.

Carpet Cleaners: Professional carpet cleaning services can help make carpets fresher and stain free. Ideally, carpet cleaning services must clean carpets without harming the fabric and color. Daimer offers carpet cleaning equipment with various advanced features to help remove even the toughest carpet stains while helping to maintain the integrity of the carpet fibers and color. You can even adjust our advanced technology to adjust temperature depending on the carpet cleaning requirement.

Daimer's commercial carpet cleaners facilitate environmentally-safe carpet cleaning whereby completely green cleaning chemicals and solutions are used, no carpet soaking is required and the drying time is as little as 2 hours. Carpet cleaning helps to improve indoor air quality and offer a clean environment in homes, offices, hotels, resorts, theaters, etc. Our carpet cleaner models include: XTreme Power 5700, XPH 5800T, XPH 5900i, XPC 9200, XPH 9300, and other models.

Floor cleaners: Daimer's floor cleaning equipment line includes a wide range of commercial floor cleaning equipment and cleaners as well as floor cleaning equipment for hard floor cleaning, concrete cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, rubber floor cleaning, marble cleaning, granite cleaning and more. These are perfect for industrial facilities and commercial cleaning services contractors. Some models of floor cleaners or hard surface cleaning equipment are the XTreme Power XP-HSC14000 and XP-HSC13000.

Daimer offers the highest-quality cleaning equipment, cleaning supply, and cleaning products designed to targeted virtually unlimited cleaning applications within a variety of industries. We suggest browsing our website and contacting a cleaning applications consultant if you have any questions or require guidance for the right cleaning equipment or cleaning supply.


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