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Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Made Easy with Powerful Wet Steam Pressure Washers

Commercial kitchen appliances cleaning and equipment maintenance are among the hardest of jobs that professional cleaners have to deal with. These appliances can attract dirt, oil, and grease deposits quickly and hence require regular cleaning. Conventional cleaning methods and tools can fall woefully way short of expectations. You need a specialized commercial kitchen appliances cleaning system to deliver high quality results to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the highest levels.

Why highest level of cleaning is mandatory for commercial kitchens?

Commercial kitchens must observe the highest standards of cleaning to minimize the potential of contamination of food. Kitchen appliances and equipment must not only be cleaned thoroughly, but also sanitized to ensure optimum levels of hygiene. Ordinary cleaning methods won’t deliver the kind of cleaning standards that cleaning regulations demand or customers expect. Steam cleaners are the best type of cleaning machines to ensure that there are no health hazards lurking in those appliances and equipment.

Top brands of wet steam pressure washers can be used for kitchen appliance steam cleaning, as they are approved for use within food and beverage facilities. The high steam temperature of these steam cleaning systems makes them the ideal kitchen appliances steam cleaning equipment. They are capable of dislodging grease and oil deposits from appliances and equipment and kitchen floors and walls.

Wet steam cleaners can do the job effortlessly

Top wet steam cleaners available on the market can be used for cleaning of appliances and equipment like broilers, cheese melting machines, fryers, ovens, griddles, conveyors, grills, ice machines, and accessories. The machine offers high steam temperature combined with excellent pressure level and high flow rate to remove grease, oil, fats, hardened sugar, and much more without having to manually scrub the surfaces.

Kitchen appliances steam cleaners with the right specifications can be used for all-round cleaning of commercial kitchen. Sophisticated machines make use of tri-mode technology to provide cold water, hot water, and steam output. The machine consumes relatively less amount of water as the high temperatures allow users to remove tough deposits and stubborn dirt and grime faster.

Daimer®, the leader in supplying advanced cleaning systems, is the first choice of professional cleaners while shopping for the best kitchen appliances steam cleaner. The Super Max™ 7000 is one of the most popular wet steam pressure washers. It complies with the stringent USDA standards and is approved for use within the food and beverage facility. The powerful wet steamer offers a pressure level of 1000 PSI at a moderate flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The machine offers extremely high steam temperatures of up to 330°F to deliver unmatched cleaning results.

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