Revolutionary Disinfectants for Foodservice Establishments

Foodservice establishments or restaurants could be a terrific haven for germs, dirt, oil, grease due to the nature of the business as they service dozens and dozens of customers everyday, creating all kinds of dirt on their flooring. Their kitchens cook a plethora of meals, resulting in tons of leftover grease in kitchens, restrooms, stoves, floors, tile, grout, walls, appliances, and in the sink. Foodservice establishments need the utmost in disinfectants to help rid their environment of potential pathogens. This article will examine the most revolutionary disinfectants for foodservice establishments: those that are completely green and contain only all natural plant based ingredients.

Why are green disinfectants for foodservice establishments so revolutionary? First of all, they are safer for the skin and eyes than harmful chemical-based disinfectants. In fact, when one uses a regular chemical-based disinfectant, they should use gloves and goggles to prevent any of the substance from getting on their hands or skin. Secondly, green disinfectants are revolutionary in being able to safely kill germs. Green disinfectants also have the ability to disappear. This means that unlike ecologically unsafe chemical-based disinfectants, they do not leave a residue behind. Essentially, green disinfectants work through non-harmful elements of nature while nasty chemical-based disinfectants attack bad things, (pathogens), with more bad things, chemical poisons.

An example of revolutionary disinfectants for foodservice establishments is Daimer's Eco-Green® line of PH neutral green disinfectants. The Eco-Green ® disinfectant comes from a special series of Daimer cleaning solutions that are designed to clean through plant based, non-toxic processes, and in a proprietary way resulting in molecules so small they deeply penetrate the larger molecules of substances they target. Eco-Green ® disinfectant kills germs, are biodegradable and deodorize. Eco-Green® disinfectant is the better choice at foodservice establishments seeking the safest, most effective disinfectant in the world.

In conclusion, the most revolutionary disinfectants for foodservice establishments aren't ones that boast long, fancy words in their ingredient label, but rather those that are green. These green disinfectants get rid of pathogens with a zero health risk. Eco-Green ® disinfectant allows foodservice establishments to avoid being put at risk for chemical poisoning like they do currently with their hazardous chemicals.

This is why it is important to spread the word about green disinfectants because not only do they help protect the health of the person cleaning, but also the health of the customers. How much more comfortable is it breathing in clean, non-toxic air at a foodservice establishment? All in all if foodservice establishments want to truly succeed at cleaning their facilities, it is no question the purchase of green disinfectants need to be considered.

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