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Are Your Large Area Carpets Actually Clean?

Large area carpets are an important part of décor, so it is natural that you would want them to be as clean as possible. Besides the grease, pet urine, stains, and other markedly visible grime, these carpets are often repositories of deeply embedded dirt, mold, and so on, if not cleaned properly. Deep cleaning is the only way to maintain carpets in pristine condition, and ensure that their colors do not fade for a long time to come.

In commercial areas with large wall-to-wall carpeted spaces, cleaning carpets effectively can be a challenge. Not only must the cleaning be 100 percent successful, it should not damage the carpets either. In busy commercial locations, where the pedestrian traffic is frequent, there is a greater need for frequent carpet cleaning, carried out in a way to cause minimal or no disruption to business.

Using a large area carpet cleaner offers many advantages. These machines clean carpets easily, removing embedded, ground-in dirt as well as grease.

Removing Most Stains, Grease, and Dirt Effectively

A large area carpet cleaner can clean carpets spread over vast spaces. Their strong extraction capabilities help extract water, cleaning solution, and dirt from the carpets, even the embedded dirt, ensuring that the carpet remains completely clean.

The machines may be able to heat water or use hot water piped through the inlet to clean carpets. If the carpets are carrying mold, grease, and tough stains, using hot water ensures maximum cleaning. Machines with heating element are able to achieve temperatures up to 210°F, making them one of the most handy large area professional carpet cleaners.

Low Flow Rates and Their Significance

The low flow rates of large area professional carpet cleaners ensure that the carpets dry fast. Regular carpet cleaning requires at least 24 hours of drying time, which leaves carpets vulnerable to mildew and mold. In contrast, low flow machines reduce water usage and enable quick drying, ensuring the mold does not germinate on the carpets after the cleaning process. Moreover, fast drying eliminates the possibility of damage to the floor, especially wood floors.

These machines have also been shown to be useful in eliminating odors from carpets. Since the odors are often caused by grime and not all types of dirt is visible to the eye unaided, these carpet cleaning machines offer adequate dirt removal capabilities and successfully resolve the problem of odors too.

Daimer® offers another type of large area professional carpet cleaners. They are commercial floor cleaners for large area and they are known for their carpet cleaning abilities, besides their spinner mechanism that cleans hard floors. This versatile machine features a carpet wand, in addition to spinner and other types of wand attachments.

Daimer®'s range of carpet cleaning equipment include large area carpet cleaning machines, walk-behind carpet cleaning systems, hard surface cleaners, and more.

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