Pet and Bird Cages Cleaning

Pet and Bird Cages Cleaning
3 Pet and Bird Cages Cleaning
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Safe Bird Cage Cleaners: How Do They Work?

Cleaning bird cages on a regular basis is a challenging task, whether you are keeping birds as pets, rearing them, or operating an aviary. Common types of grime include food, feather, and droppings, but depending on the location of the cage, other types of dirt, such as dust, pollen, and so on, might also be found inside and on the outer surface of the cage.

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Chemicals are toxic, as they generate fumes, which can be dangerous to pets and humans, and they leave behind residue, no matter how thoroughly you think you have rinsed the surface. One of the advantages of using safe bird cage cleaners is that they do not need the use of chemicals, not even detergent. These pet cage cleaners rely on hot steam to soften grime and remove it using detailing tools. Daimer®'s pet cages cleaning machines achieve temperatures of up to 369°F and this makes grime removal easier.

"Dry" Cleaning the Bird Cage

If you are looking for pet/ bird cages dry cleaning equipment, then steam cleaners are the right choice. These machines use dry steam, with only 5 percent moisture, to clean different surfaces. This eliminates the problem of dripping, spilling, and water logging. The cages are clean, snug, and comfortable, after cleaning with dry, hot steam.

Cleaning Cage Bars and Cage Bottom

Daimer®'s machines are sold with many different types of brushes and accessories, so that cleaning different surfaces using the same equipment is feasible. The steam lance and microfiber towel are sufficient for cleaning the bars. The brush tools are ideal for cleaning the cage floor and remove accumulation of food and droppings.

Cleaning Feeding Trays and Water Containers

For good measure, you can use these pet cage cleaners to clean water containers, feed trays, and so on. This removes mold, algae, and other dirt from these surfaces. While the heat eliminates some germs, if you use Daimer®'s anti-bacterial range of steam cleaners, you can also eliminate up to 99.999% bacteria from these surfaces.

An additional advantage is that these machines clean pet cages so thoroughly that even odors are vanquished. The cage not only looks clean, but it is also odor free and offers a healthy environment for pets. Daimer® offers a range of cleaning equipment, from steam cleaners to anti-bacterial and anti-allergen steam vacuum machines. These machines are suitable for many indoor applications and have a range of accessories for complete maintenance of commercial areas and homes.

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