Plant Steam Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

Plant Steam Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

The Power of Plant Heating For Effective Cleaning

Cleaning applications in industrial and commercial settings demand the use of heated moisture to ensure superior cleaning results. For this reason, customers generally choose fuel fired industrial hot water pressure wash systems, which are powered by oil, propane or natural gas, or electric powered commercial hot water pressure cleaners. However, both these options may not be practical for use in all settings.

The use of electric pressure washing equipment can be limited by high amperage needs and high power costs, and using fuel powered steam pressure wash systems is simply out of question if the equipment has to operate in explosive settings.

This is where Daimer® enters the scene with its advanced plant heated hot water pressure washers.

How Does this Work?

Plant heated steam pressure washers from Daimer® work by utilizing the steam from your existing plant boiler to heat water in the pressure washers. These steam pressure cleaners feature a specially designed and highly advanced heat exchanger that helps transfer heat of the steam to the cold water in the pressure cleaner. The heat exchanger uses saturated steam of up to 150 PSI from the boiler to convert cold water to steam or hot water.

To put it differently, the steam from the plant and water in the hot water pressure washer do not come into direct contact. Once heat from the steam is transferred to water in the pressure cleaner, the condensate is completely returned to the boiler system.

Innumerable Benefits

This plants equipment pressure washing technique offers numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Users do not have to use expensive chemicals to treat water in the boiler.
  • The sophisticated and advanced control system of these steam pressure washers has been designed to enable fully automatic plant equipment cleaning.
  • To manage extremely challenging cleaning tasks, the steam pressure cleaners offer the option of injecting detergent chemicals into the pressure cleaner.

Customizable Pressure Washer Options

Customers who opt for plants containers pressure washing machines can customize the system to meet their unique requirements. To cater to cleaning requirements and performance specifications in different settings, all fuel fired and electric pressure washer machines intended for plant heating are custom designed.

The customization extends to the performance aspect as well. For instance, the pressure washing equipment can function as a single, free-standing cleaning system when it comes to maintaining limited areas.

For more extensive cleaning needs, the hot water pressure washer works as a central system that serves a network of remote cleaning units located in different parts of the plant. The plant containers cleaning at each point can be controlled at the trigger gun used by the operator.

The specifications available for plant heated hot water pressure washers are as follows:

  • Flow rates: 2-20 GPM
  • Pressure levels: 1000-5000 PSI
  • Water temperatures: up to 180º F
  • Motor HP: 5-100 HP
  • Remote cleaning units: Unlimited
  • Hose lengths: Standard up to 150 feet. Additional lengths available on request

Remember that we also offer pressure cleaners above these standard specifications. Contact Daimer® now with your unique specifications for a detailed quote.

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Plant Steam Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

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