Public Golf Courses Cleaning Equipment
Public Golf Courses Cleaning Equipment

5 Public Golf Courses Cleaning Equipment
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Public Golf Courses Cleaning Equipment - Non-Turf Cleaning Applications

While most people associate golf courses with large expanse of turf grass and a few water features, there is more to golf courses than that. Cleaning non-turf areas, including rest rooms, parking lot, and stores, cleaning equipment, such as golf clubs, and maintenance of vehicles like golf carts are some of the tasks to be dealt with.

If there are restaurants and members area on premises, these will also need to be cleaned. In other words, there are many diverse cleaning obligations in golf facilities. Facility supervisors should hire the contractors equipped with the best tools to clean these areas. Similarly, contractors and cleaning services, which have invested in the correct golf facility cleaning equipment, will find clients more easily.

What is the Best Equipment for Cleaning Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs thrash through grass, dirt, water, and other grime to help users enjoy the game. However, in the process, these tend to get very dirty, and one of the most effective methods of cleaning them is to use the right golf club steam cleaner. A steam cleaner uses dry vapor at temperatures up to 369°F for softening grime, thus enabling their removal from the golf club.

Besides eliminating the visible grime, these machines are also suited for the removal of smaller, hard-to-see particles of dirt. The heat is also conducive to the elimination of some germs, particularly from the frequently handled grip. Since the accumulation of oils can make the grip slippery, using a steam cleaning machine is one of the best solutions for the problem.

A steam cleaner is a multipurpose machine, so it comes with many different brush attachments. The smaller brushes, made of nylon, stainless steel, or brass, are used for cleaning the golf clubs.

Steam cleaners are also ideal for cleaning racks and shelves in areas, such as the store, retail area selling golf equipment to members, and so on.

How Do Pressure Washers Help in Cleaning Outdoor Areas?

If the parking area is dirty, it creates a bad first impression of the facility. The problem of dirt is easily taken care of with the use of a high power pressure washer. Daimer® offers pressure cleaning equipment with high pressure levels. Machines with pressure levels up to 3000 PSI enable cleaning of concrete, brick, and stone surfaces in outdoor areas, including parking, sidewalks, and porch.

Pressure washers offering 1000 PSI pressure level are ideal for cleaning the indoor areas, such as restrooms. These machines may be used for cleaning waste bins.

Another major use of pressure washers is of cleaning golf carts. Pressure washers that use hot water eliminate grease quickly, enabling regular washing of golf carts, and a pristine, clean appearance that is bound to please golfers.

On-premises commercial kitchens, if there is a restaurant or café, can also be cleaned using these pressure washing tools. Pressure washing at golf courses serves many purposes. It ensures a clean appearance as well as efficient cleaning. It reduces the efforts needed to spruce up the appearance of the facility and is the ultimate in productivity enhancing mechanisms.

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