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How RV Carpet Cleaning Is Different from Other Types of Carpet Washing?

The wonderful adventures that you have aboard your recreational vehicle can be made more pleasant, if you have a clean place to relax in. Since carpets make the interiors cozy and add color, it is not feasible to remove the carpet to save on cleaning. However, there is also the problem of dirt getting tracked inside through dirty boots, equipment for leisure activities, and so on, and carpet maintenance becomes the order of the day, since you want to ensure the carpets are dirt free.

Why Dirty Carpets Are a Risk to Health and Sanitation?

Dirty carpets damage the carpet color, and you notice that the color fades as time goes by because the dirt is causing the brightness of the colors to fade. Ground-in dirt makes carpet cleaning even more difficult, since this dirt is not removed merely by vacuuming. The dirt can be sticky, and if there are oils, spills, sauces, coffee, stains, or pet vomit on the carpets, cleaning carpets can begin to look like a monumental challenge.

That is why Daimer® offers a range of RV cleaning machines for interior cleaning. This type of RV washing equipment is designed taking into account the type of dirt on RV carpets, as opposed to those found inside homes and office buildings. Gravel, sand, and wet soil are just some of the challenging deposits that RV carpets carry. The carpets inside RVs are often dirtier than carpets inside buildings, so it is essential that you use the right machine for RV interior detailing.

How to Clean the Carpet?

First, you vacuum away the loose dirt and debris with a regular vacuum cleaner. Then, you spray a detergent solution on the carpet and extract it with a hot water extractor, also known as a carpet cleaner. Selecting the right RV carpet cleaning equipment is important. The machine should have strong extraction capabilities, as well as large solution and detergent tanks to enable interruption-free cleaning.

Daimer®'s XTreme Power® XPH-9300U features a solution tank measuring 17 gallon and a recovery tank with 15 gallon of holding capacity. Besides these features, the machine also offers a water lift of 150 inches and 2 2-stage vacuum motors to enable powerful extraction. This machine is suitable for car wash businesses, contractors, and also for people who want to clean the carpets in their RVs and similar vehicles.

Hot Water: Why It Is Needed?

Since RV carpets are very grimy, cleaning them becomes easier with the use of hot water. Daimer® offers two types of machines capable of using hot water. The XTreme Power® XPH-9300U can generate hot water, thanks to its two inline heating elements that heat water in less than five minutes. This machine can also use non-heated water, if you find that your carpets are not too dirty and do not need hot water cleaning.

The second type of RV interior detailer for carpets cannot heat water, but it accepts hot water at the inlet and can be used for cleaning carpets with hot water and cold water.

Daimer®'s recreational vehicles cleaners also carry many other features, designed to reduce the burden on staff and users.

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