Underground Mining Equipment Cleaning

Underground Mining Equipment Cleaning
2 Underground Mining Equipment Cleaning
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Tackling the Challenges of Underground Mining Equipment Cleaning

Controlling dust and debris in mining and other heavy industries is a huge challenge. The demanding environment in underground mines makes cleaning of various types of mining equipment a demanding job. Underground mining equipment cleaning requires the use of highly specialized and high-tech cleaning instruments and processes. Which types of machines are ideal for use to keep underground mining equipment in high performance mode?

Why You Need Cleaning Systems with Special Features?

Cleaning of underground mining equipment from silica dust, coal dust, and other minerals from mining activities can be a time-consuming and agonizing process. Ordinary underground mining equipment cleaner systems are known to fail repeatedly because they are not technologically capable of facing the extraordinary challenges posed by the application. The unusually tough environment in an underground mine demands the use of powerful mining industry equipment cleaner that has the features needed to do the best cleaning job under the most trying circumstances.

Pressure washers with significantly high pressure level can be expected to deliver outstanding cleaning results without taxing the operators or making the cleaning process strenuous. The machine should be versatile enough to clean various mining tools, gears, and machineries like tunnel boring machines, mining tractor, trucks, road header, and others. What should you look for in an underground mining equipment pressure cleaner?

The best mining industry equipment pressure cleaner is one which offers:

  • High pressure level of 3000 PSI or more to clean dust, grime, coal dust, silicon dust, and other types of deposits off various surfaces easily.
  • Is a rugged and highly reliable system that can withstand the rigors of the unfriendly environment of underground mines.
  • Offers versatility in terms of usage and features to tackle cleaning challenges of every type of equipment used in underground mines.
  • Offers portability and can work non-stop for long hours to enhance user convenience and improve productivity.

Choose Machines with Innovative Cleaning Capabilities

Pressure washers for drilling sites equipment cleaning that offer multiple temperature features can be used for various types of cleaning applications that operators usually have to handle in an underground mine. Such machines can be used independently as hot water, cold water, and steam pressure washers.

Daimer® offers their Super Max™ line of pressure washers for mining industry. These are equipped with specialized features like 3000-plus PSI pressure level and the highest steam temperature in the industry at 330°F. The Super Max™ 10880 offers outstanding innovations like special high output engine alternator that maintains battery charge all day, low draw burner, proprietary safety controls that protect the system, and an exclusive vibration isolation system, making it perfect for cleaning underground mining equipment.

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