Walk-In Water Coolers Cleaning Machines

Walk-In Water Coolers Cleaning Machines
3 Walk-In Water Coolers Cleaning Machines
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Walk In Water Cooler Cleaning Machines for Quick and Convenient Cleaning of Commercial Coolers

Commercial walk-in coolers are engineered for durability and years of top performance, but the system is susceptible to breakdowns if you do not ensure that it is cleaned regularly with good walk in cooler cleaning equipment. Regular and proper maintenance keeps it in great shape for keeping supplies fresh and at reduced energy costs.

Ice build up on the cooling coils is the biggest issue that most cleaning professionals have to deal with. When a coil becomes covered in ice, heat transfer plummets and the compressor has to work harder and longer. If ice buildup is excessive, the compressor runs constantly but the unit still cannot maintain temperature, which leads to soaring energy bills.

The cleaning of a walk in refrigerator or cooler also involves removing ice deposits and dirt from interior surface of the unit. The doors and fittings must also be cleaned regularly to ensure they are sealed tight to prevent loss of temperature.

Robust steam cleaning machines to meet the challenges of cleaning large coolers

Conventional cleaning methods and systems cannot deliver the kind of results needed for keeping the coolers clean. Besides, it is a time-consuming chore that yields highly unsatisfactory results. A steam cleaner is a highly recommended cleaning system for maintenance of commercial freezers and refrigerators. Commercial steam vacuum cleaners from top suppliers make cleaning of walk in coolers easy with their technologically-advanced features. They are preferred by professional cleaners because these machines:

  • Easily extract dirt while simultaneously dissolving ice deposits and making manual cleaning redundant.
  • Offer high steam temperatures that dissolve ice buildups faster.
  • Use very little water, making the whole cleaning process convenient and without much mess.
  • Eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals and detergents, which can be harmful as they leave traces of deposits on the surface of the freezer.

Wet steam pressure washers work faster

By choosing the walk in cooler cleaning machines with the right specifications and features, operators can not only do the job faster but also get better quality cleaning results without having to manually exert themselves. Wet steam pressure washer systems are also highly recommended by experts for cleaning of walk-in coolers. Make sure you use systems that are approved for use within food and beverage facilities.

Daimer®, the industry leader in supply of sophisticated cleaning systems, offers the best walk in cooler cleaning equipment. Their KleenJet® series of steam vacuum cleaners can achieve temperature levels of up to 369°F and generate pressure levels of as much as 125 PSI to clean even the most stubborn ice deposits quickly. Daimer®’s Super Max™ 7000 AST wet steam pressure washer is a popular model that is preferred by operators for its powerful cleaning action. It offers the industry’s highest steam temperature at 330°F and has top quality components that assure durability and top drawer performance.

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