Custom Instantaneous Water Heating Tank Filling Systems

Custom Instantaneous Water Heating Tank Filling Systems

Daimer offers custom solutions to satisfy industrial and commercial needs for instantaneous demand hot water heating for production, tank filling or other applications. Unlike storage type hot water heaters that must operate all the time to keep the water hot, demand heaters operate only when the water is being used.

The system shown is a natural gas fueled custom heating system used for tank filling during the manufacture of consumer products. It will continuously produce 10 GPM of hot water heated to 210º F and is equipped with special instrumentation and special controls for flow rate, temperature and batch measurement. Non contaminating materials are used throughout the system to maintain water purity.

Daimer instantaneous demand water heater systems can be designed for a wide range of flow rates, water pressures up to 4000 PSI and heating capacity up to 210º F hot water or 300º F wet steam. Energy sources can be natural gas, propane, oil, electric or plant steam.

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Custom Instantaneous Water Heating Tank Filling Systems


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