Industrial Stationary Pressure Washers

Industrial Stationary Pressure Washers
6 Industrial Stationary Pressure Washers
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Industrial Stationary Pressure Washers

Stationary Pressure Washer Machines

Industrial facilities require more power and durability than most other applications. Already known for its quality and reliability, Daimer® stepped up to take this challenge. What resulted is the industry's leading line of the most powerful and most advanced stationary pressure washers available. Virtually no other company offers such versatility and technologically advanced options in a line of stationary pressure washers.

First, let's start out with the basics. Many industrial facilities require a permanent pressure washing addition that can meet and often exceed their daily tasks and applications. With pressure levels ranging from 750 psi to 3000 psi and flow rates ranging from 2 GPM to 5 GPM, Daimer ® offers a machine to suit every industrial application. Lower pressure units are designed for use on lighter pressure washing tasks while the high-powered, high-pressure stationary pressure washers are capable of effectively degreasing and cleaning a host of industrial equipment, machinery, flooring and more.

Even better, industrial users dissolve stains while degreasing using the wet steam mode of these stationary pressure washers. To provide greater versatility and functionality to our end industrial users, Daimer®'s Super Max™ stationary pressure washers are standard tri-mode machines. They can be used independently as wet steam, hot water, or cold water pressure cleaners , depending upon the application at hand. With hot water temperatures reaching 210°F and ultra-high wet steam temperatures reaching 330 °F, these stationary pressure washers afford users the greatest heated cleaning power available.

Quality is just one of the many aspects Daimer® knows well. To ensure its industrial customers receive the maximum life out of their machines, Daimer® has comprised all of its stationary pressure washers of the highest quality components. For example, all units are housed in rugged, powder-coated, chemical and chip resistant stainless steel. And, all units are heated via super heavy-duty schedule 80 heating coils. Additionally, to achieve the maximum functionality, all stationary pressure washers come standard with a quick disconnecting, durable 3' trigger wand.

If that isn't enough, Daimer® has just recently added a great deal of new technologies to its stationary pressure washers line. AST® pressure washers actually start and stop the motor during periods of inactivity to reduce wear and tear, effectively prolonging the life of each machine. SP models feature Super-HOT™ Super High-Temperature Optimized Technology™, providing the highest degree of clean with super high-temperature wet steam. AF models actively prepare metal surfaces for the subsequent application of powder coating or paint primer. And lastly, WS models use a specialized wet sandblaster kit to actually remove layers from metal surfaces, restoring them to shiny bare metal. To read more about each of these technologies, click on the categories above.

Daimer®'s line of stationary pressure washers is designed with the industrial user in mind. With virtually limitless options and features to choose from in your selection of a new stationary pressure washing machine for your industrial facility, consider Daimer®.

Daimer Stationary Power Washer
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