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Commercial Pressure Washers
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Commercial Pressure Washers Designed for Power and Efficiency

Commercial clients who come to us at Daimer for high-efficiency pressure washing equipment share one common goal: get the best results in as little time as possible, but without sacrificing convenience or cost-effectiveness. Businesses of all sizes turn to us for powerful, dependable machines that quickly clean dirt, grime, and other particulates with no need for manual scrubbing afterwards. They trust in our ability to provide user-friendly systems that function well for many years and are easy to maintain.

Our commercial pressure washers come in a wide variety of configurations, ensuring an optimal solution for every customer along with the best-in-class support we’re known for. Whether for cleaning vehicle exteriors, stripping paint off an old building, or cleaning food processing equipment, these are machines that not only keep up with your needs but can also serve you well in the future. 

Time to Say Goodbye to Stubborn Dirt and Grime

Not only do commercial operations need to look visually appealing and welcoming for employees and visitors alike, but they also need to be hygienic. Our commercial pressure washing equipment blasts away dirt and debris with extremely high pressure and heat to ensure the best possible results, and these units are built to withstand years of regular use – even under heavy-duty circumstances. Alternatively, pressure levels from our non-heated commercial pressure washers can reach as high as 8000 PSI to provide an equally exceptional finish to your surfaces.

After all, to us, commercial classification means commercial grade, a testament to our focus on higher-quality components and more durable systems overall. 

Commercial Pressure Washer Features

  1. Cut Down on Manual Labor

    Our high-powered commercial pressure washers ensure your maintenance team doesn’t need to worry about scrubbing down surfaces. Depending on the pressure and heating temperature you need, there’s a system waiting to deliver a terrific, targeted blast of controlled water wherever you need it, literally blasting away dirt, grease, and other annoyances. This is especially important in busy areas such as supermarkets, retail stores, offices, car washes, and auto detailing shops where there’s only so much time and space in a day to get things done.
  2. Customized for Your Use Case

    Our pressure washers are designed to incorporate custom-length pressure hoses, ensuring they work best for your specific operating environment. Reaching those nooks and crannies to blast them clean doesn’t have to be a stretch, and we make life easier for your maintenance crew by enabling them to pressure wash surfaces with precision and efficiency. 
  3. Three Heating System Options

    Daimer commercial-grade pressure washers are available in oil, propane, and natural gas-heated variations to suit your preferences. This can be handy for customers who need to maintain compliance with their operations and can’t use certain heat sources. These systems also incorporate tri-mode temperature settings for optimal application to a variety of surfaces, as some will require hotter pressurized blasts than others to lift dirt and grime.
  4. A Variety of Configurations

    Your specific operations demand a specific cleaning solution. Get the right one by narrowing your search to a select few ideal commercial pressure washers at Daimer. Each has its own unique flow rate, heating method, approximate heating temperature, power delivery voltage, and pressure level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I use my pressure washer?

Pressure washers are ideally suited for more stubborn dirt, grime, and pent-up oil and grease on hard surfaces. These can include vehicle exteriors, metal siding and walls, brickwork, cement and concrete, and others. When using a commercial pressure washer, ensure that the pressure level you have it set to is safe for the surface in question as higher-pressure output can strip paint and damage some finishes. For any questions regarding this, our team can help.

What applications use commercial pressure washers?

These units are compact and powerful, and therefore, they’re regularly implemented in a wide variety of applications. These include retail stores, warehouses and onsite storage, office spaces, schools, building exteriors, auto detailing shops and car washes, and many others. Daimer offers state-of-the-art commercial pressure washers to suit environments of all sizes and needs, from small start-up businesses to thriving shopping complexes and multi-storey spaces.

What are the advantages of using heated commercial pressure washers?

A multipurpose commercial pressure washer that offers the additional advantage of hot water cleaning can be used to effortlessly decrease a variety of surfaces. The combination of high pressure and temperature can be a lethal one for dirt and grime. The best commercial power washer will provide you with innovative accessories and wands to ensure comprehensive and faster cleaning of commercial facilities. It is a great way to save time and manual effort, and achieve the kind of cleaning results needed for keeping commercial facilities clean. The best buy commercial power washer is one that has specifications and features designed to handle the widest range of cleaning applications in commercial facilities.

Why Daimer Scores Heavily Over Other Commercial Power Washers?

Daimer® is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and popular names among commercial pressure washer systems. The leading supplier of technologically advanced and innovative cleaning systems offers both heated and non-heated varieties of high-pressure cleaning equipment for dealing with some of the most challenging cleaning applications in commercial facilities. Pressure levels from Daimer®’s non-heated commercial pressure washers can reach as high as 8000 PSI to blast away tough dirt and grime.

Daimer®’s top-rated commercial pressure washers are the first choice of commercial facility owners, due to the many benefits these versatile commercial pressure washer systems offer.

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