Deionized Water Pressure Washers

Deionized Water Pressure Washer for Spotlessly Clean Cars

Car wash businesses and many other industries require powerful cleaning systems that enable fast car washing. While regular pressure cleaners systems do a good job of eliminating grime from car surfaces, one problem that crops up later is that of spots left behind by drying water droplets. Using a deionized water pressure washer eliminates this problem.

You can use a regular power pressure washer system for car washing, but then you need to hand wipe the car to remove moisture, instead of letting the water dry on the car surface. This process is no doubt more time consuming, but works well if you are not cleaning a very large fleet. Daimer® retails a large variety of car pressure washing machines with diverse features, power options, mobility characteristics, and flow rates. But if you are really hard-pressed for time, then using a deionized water pressure washer is recommended.

Why invest in deionized water high pressure cleaners?

To eliminate the need for manually wiping down car exteriors, you could invest in a deionized water pressure cleaner. A deionized water pressure cleaner is usually an electrically driven pressure washer hooked to a source of deionized water, usually a DI water tank. The water is fed into the auto detailing equipment through a hose. It is important that the deionized water has reduced contact with surfaces that can cause ionization, such as metal. Deionized water high pressure cleaners sold by Daimer® offer the right conditions to carry out car washing using deionized water.

Many contractors feel that hot water washing offers better results, as far as grease elimination is concerned. However, if you are using deionized water to wash cars, you may have to consider your options more carefully.

Can these machines use hot water for car washing?

It is recommended that you use water at ordinary room temperature when washing cars with deionized water. Heating might introduce ions into the water. Given the other advantages of these machines, they are capable of eliminating most grime from car exteriors.

Can deionized water pressure washers be used for grease elimination?

Hot water is the fastest way to eliminate grease; but as discussed, heat encourages ionization and so the use of hot water is not recommended. Daimer's machines have two features that eliminate most grease from cars, in the absence of heat:

  • High pressure: Even if you are not using hot water, a high pressure washing equipment will eliminate most moderate level grease from cars and that includes engine exteriors. These electric pressure washer systems have pressure levels up to 1500 PSI, ideal for most auto detailing tasks. Note that pressure cleaner systems can only be used for cleaning car exteriors. Besides eliminating grease, these machines also remove bird droppings, bug spatter, tree sap, and similar substances from car surfaces.
  • Effective Detergent use: Daimer® machines have safe chemical infusion mechanisms to enable efficient use of detergents during the car wash process, heightening the efficacy of the process and eliminating grease and grime satisfactorily.

These machines have many other advantageous features, making them suitable for car washing.
What are the other features of the best pressure wash systems that use deionized water for car cleaning?

Daimer®'s electricity-powered deionized -water high pressure washers are ideal for car washing owing to the following reasons:

  • Non polluting: they do not generate the harmful fumes created by systems using heating oils or gasoline. Whether you use auto detailing equipment to hose down cars in outdoor parking lots or use your car pressure washing machines for removing grime from cars at your fixed location car wash business, these deionized-water high pressure washers work well for all types of car wash requirements.
  • Low water consumption: Daimer®'s car cleaning equipment has low to moderate flow rates, to eliminate the problem of excess runoff.
  • Longevity and convenience: These electric pressure washer machines are durable, with high performing motors, and power configurations that enable the machine to operate anywhere in the world.

Daimer®'s commercial pressure cleaning machines that use deionized water have the right pressure levels, flow rates, and other features to tackle tough car cleaning tasks without harming the car surface. These machines are also great time savers, since they eliminate the spotting on cars when rinsing.

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