Salt Water Pressure Washers

Salt Water Pressure Washer Machines with High Corrosion Resistance

A salt water pressure washer is designed for use on board ships, boats, and other marine proximate environments. Daimer® carries forward its lineup of durable high pressure washing equipment through salt-water high pressure washers that have an added layer of durability and corrosion resistance.

Why are Daimer® salt water pressure cleaners preferred over other brands’ machines?

It is a well-known fact that pressure cleaner systems need to function in corrosion inducing environments. The grime, grease, detergent, and minerals in water and a combination of other factors create a situation where corrosion of machine parts is very likely to occur. That happens unless you are using Daimer®'s high power pressure washer systems. These commercial pressure cleaning machines are ranked among the best pressure wash systems, not only in terms of performance, but also by virtue of their corrosion-resistant parts.

Daimer®'s sea water pressure washer machines have parts designed to withstand the corrosive effect of chemicals. They are also subjected to long hours of high pressure, which is why all parts are geared to resist the damaging impact of high pressure levels while creating enough pressure and heat to eliminate most grime and grease from hard surfaces. Industrial pressure washing machines, featuring pressure levels up to 3000 PSI and flow rates up to 5 GPM, are highly capable of eliminating grime quickly. They also feature robust parts, such as machine housing, wand, motor, and pumps.

The heavy-gauge steel housing is another one of the bonuses of these hazardous locations pressure washing machines, protecting from the negative impact of corrosion and chemicals. The steel housing is leak proof and has durable mounting fittings for easy portability.

Any salt water pressure washer from the company is designed to last long. A salt water pressure cleaner, like many of Daimer®'s best pressure washers, features a rugged steel housing. The housing itself is resistant to rust and chipping.

The pressure wand made of these salt water pressure cleaner machines works on a trigger disconnect basis, enabling operators to stall operations as required, without moving back and forth between the machine and the wand. The nozzles, due to their varied orientations, enable cleaning of various surfaces, ranging from metal to concrete.

Another feature is the use of salt water. These machines utilize salt water to eliminate much of the heavier layers of dirt from hard surfaces. To ensure that no salts or minerals remain on the surface, leading to corrosion, fresh water is used for the final rinsing. This method enables the use of salt water and reduces the stress on freshwater resources.

What are the other important features of Daimer®’s salt water pressure cleaners?

  1. An electrically driven pressure washer is considered most suitable for commercial and industrial use where electricity is readily available. Daimer®'s electric pressure washer machines, heated by propane, butane, or natural gas, are eco-friendly too. While an electric pressure washer may be heated by oil, kerosene, or diesel, which produce fumes, you can still use this type of sea-water pressure washers in indoor cleaning operations by attaching long hoses to it. NEMA standard motors ensure that buyers get only the best quality when they purchase salt-water high pressure washers from Daimer®.
  2. These salt water high pressure cleaners are often required for use at different locations, which is why mobility is an important factor.
  3. Different power configurations ensure that the machine can be used anywhere.

The machines also enable efficient chemical infusion to ensure that stubborn grease and minerals are eliminated by use of the right cleaning products. These salt water high pressure cleaners are fitted with a range of features designed to clean hard surfaces perfectly, without requiring painstaking labor or the use of ineffective manual cleaning methods.

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Salt Water Pressure Washers