Low-Flow Steam Power Washers

Low-Flow Steam Power Washers
1 Low-Flow Steam Power Washers
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Low-Flow Steam Power Washers: Water Efficient Cleaning Equipment

Low flow steam pressure washer equipment sold by Daimer® are immensely effective in removing dirt, grime, and other impurities. These steam pressure washers are used for various commercial applications, from car washing to cleaning commercial areas, such as restaurants, hospitals, and dormitory surroundings. Low flow steam pressure washer machines have flow rates of just 0.5 gpm. This makes them well suited for cleaning areas where water availability is uncertain or the drainage system may not be adequate.

Reduced water consumption makes the cleaning process more eco-friendly and saves costs associated with waste water disposal. While the flow rates are low, the pressure level obtained by these low flow pressure cleaner systems is as high as 1000 psi. These steam pressure washers have another advantage that these can attain steam temperatures up to 300°F for removing dirt, grease, and other impurities. The high temperature melts grease, so that the water can wash it away more easily.

Low flow pressure cleaners are powered by electricity and use propane for heating. As a result, they do not generate the same harmful fumes as oil, making them safe for indoor use. They are also used outdoors for different cleaning applications. As long as electricity is available, these steam power washers can clean outdoor areas. They clean many different types of surfaces, ranging from tile and metal to stone.

Steam pressure washer machines from the brand have various efficiency boosting mechanisms. They attain high temperatures in only 30 seconds. The heating coil is made of durable stainless steel, which makes it resistant to the damaging effect of heat and corrosion.

A 25-feet hose, which can be lengthened further, helps operators clean even large areas without moving the machine frequently. Car washes use low flow steam pressure washer machines to remove snow, grease, oil, plant sap, and other types of dirt from car exteriors, without using too much water.

The company’s steam pressure washer machines carry another advantage. They are available to match different power configurations around the world. No matter where you are, you can purchase a steam pressure cleaning machine that can be utilized in your country, without requiring additional power configuring equipment. You can buy machines that have 110-120V single phase 60Hz motors or machines with 50 Hz motors. You can also purchase low flow steam pressure washers compatible with 220v-240v single or three-phase configuration. The third option is a 440v, three phase, 50Hz or 60 Hz machine.

Another feature that makes the machine convenient for use is the trigger mechanism of the wand. This ends the need to move back and forth to stop the motors running in an idling machine and restart the machine when needed.

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