Centralized Pressure Washer Systems with Remote Stations

Central Pressure Washing Machines: Maximizing Cleaning Efficiency

Everyone wants their facilities as clean as possible. However, imagine dragging along hoses, detergents, cleaning machines, and other equipment to maintain every inch of a facility. The good news is that with central pressure washer systems the hoses are located at each station.

Central pressure washers from Daimer® have been designed to take commercial and industrial cleaning to new levels of efficiency and simplicity. It consists of centrally installed pressure washing equipment that makes the power of pressure cleaning available to different parts of the facility at all times.

Top Quality for Proven Versatility

Daimer® brings you high-quality pressure cleaning machines featuring centralized configuration. The central pressure washers incorporate expert design and top-quality components for easy and effective maintenance of large facilities. Since each cleaning professional need not be equipped with separate pressure wash systems and green chemicals, the centralized system helps save water, chemicals, and labor.

Numerous other benefits of these stationary pressure washers include:

  • Multiple work stations from where users can plug in and use the pressure cleaning system
  • High pressure steam, cold water, or hot water when and where you need it
  • The option to generate detergent-enriched moisture for improved cleaning
  • Different versions to suit varying requirements and budget
  • Various heating options using electricity, oil, or gas
  • Capability to support multiple users on a single system
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use

Ideal for Large-scale Cleaning

Centralized industrial pressure washers make steam, hot water, and cold water available to multiple areas across your facility. The ingenious system helps clean, degrease, deodorize, and disinfect different areas of commercial and industrial settings. Cleaning experts highly recommend using centralized commercial pressure cleaners from Daimer® to manage indoor and outdoor cleaning applications in factories and other industrial facilities.

Customized Design

Daimer® offers hot water pressure washers with centralized configuration as per your unique cleaning requirements. These power cleaners can be placed in a utility room, boiler room, or any other out-of-the-way area.

While the machine operates from this central location, its functions will be available to different areas. To put it differently, with a single stationary pressure washing machine, multiple cleaning professionals will be able to maintain various areas simultaneously with their choice of cold water, hot water, or steam.

Industrial grade pressure washers of different pressure levels to cater to various cleaning applications. Get in touch with us to determine the pressure levels you will need to manage your cleaning jobs.

Accessories for Improved Performance

Central pressure washer systems from Daimer® come equipped with numerous standard and optional attachments designed to simplify the cleaning process and enhance the end results. The accessories include nozzles, spray guns, and pressure hoses. Tell Daimer® about your specific or unique cleaning needs and they will help you choose the right kind of accessories and attachments for your stationary pressure washers.

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Centralized Pressure Washer Systems with Remote Stations

Centralized Pressure Washer Systems with Remote Stations