Powered by Electricity Cold Water Only

Powered by Electricity Cold Water Only
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Powered by Electricity Cold Water Only

50 Hz International Electric Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Commercial and industrial professionals around the world rely on electric pressure washers each and every day to accomplish some of the most challenging cleaning applications. However, these continuous needs are often not met with versatility on behalf of suppliers. Often times, professionals must rely on local supplies of cleaning equipment, which may provide low-cost, yet low-quality systems that will not provide the power required.

The answer for professionals facing this problem is Daimer®. Daimer Industries® has long been known to provide quality cleaning equipment and green chemicals for applications worldwide. No matter what power frequency or configurations are required in your country, Daimer® has a suitable machine for you.

One such line of cleaning equipment designed for international use is Daimer®'s new line of 50 Hz electric pressure washing machines. Available in tri-temperature systems and cold water pressure washers, these machines are designed for users requiring advanced power in countries operating on 50 Hz power frequencies.

When Cold Water Pressure Washers are Necessary

Often times, industrial users opt for hot water pressure washers or steam pressure washers. The heat generated by these machines affords users greater cleaning power than cold water at high pressure levels. However, there are many times when a cold water electric pressure washer provides sufficient power for the job at hand.

Light commercial applications, such as cleaning the front of a store or restaurant, are often handled efficiently through the use of cold water pressure washers. After all, this requires the removal of dirt and dust, often not the melting of stubborn, greasy deposits. As such, high pressure levels and flow rates are efficient.

Additions to Cold Water Systems

Hot water pressure washers and steam pressure washers often do not require the addition of chemicals to handle heavy duty degreasing and other challenging applications. High temperatures up to 330°F are powerful enough to dissolve stubborn deposits. However, in the case of cold water, such grease deposits can be solidified and made even hard to remove through the application of cold water alone.

To utilize a cold water electric pressure washer for such applications, it is important to add a powerful green chemical to the mix. The addition of a chemical facilitates the cleaning process, while the green nature ensures the safety of the environment, the user, and the surface.

In addition to its expansive line of electric pressure washers, Daimer® offers a wide array of Eco-Green® green cleaners for demanding commercial and industrial applications. For example, the addition of Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser to a Super Max™ cold water pressure cleaner facilitates quick and easy grease removal. Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover can be added to cold water systems to emulsify, encapsulate, and lift away graffiti marks that would otherwise be left virtually untouched by a cold water pressure washing machine.

These are just a few of the many applications that can be tackled by Daimer®'s powerful combination of pressure washing machines and green chemicals.

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