March 25, 2016

The Best Commercial Pressure Washer for Grain Silos

Commercial Pressure WashersWorkers in the agricultural industry have to abide by strict regulations and periodic inspections in regards to cleanliness where food products are concerned. One of the main areas of farming that requires the most care and maintenance to meet these high standards is grain silos. Grain silos hold a wide range of products including various types of grains and even chemicals in some instances. Keeping silos clean between fills is incredibly important, and the best way to get them clean enough for food storage is with commercial pressure washer equipment.

Reasons Industrial Pressure Washing Equipment is Best for Silo Cleaning

Silos are tall, round structures designed to house many different types of products. These storage facilities can have flat or cone-shaped concrete floors, each with its own requirements for cleaning properly. Not only is it important to keep the outside clean and looking good, but it is even more important that the inside be cleaned thoroughly between fills.

Silos filled with grains attract a bevy of pests from insects to rodents. Even when empty, these nuisances can take up residence inside the structure and live off the grain residue for a long time. By cleaning the inside of the silo using industrial pressure washing equipment, insects and rodents have no reason to live inside and future product will not be contaminated.

Besides attracting infestation, grain residue is also highly combustible. Cleaning the silo out when it is empty is actually a protective measure against fire damage.

Commercial pressure washers also come in handy when silos become clogged. A clogged silo slows up production, but with a power washer on site, it is easy to blast away clogs with the high-pressure water emitted by these machines.

Why Commercial Pressure Washer Equipment for Silo Cleaning?

The answer to this is simple. Commercial pressure washer equipment provides the heavy duty clean silos need in order to meet the strict rules set forth by the FDA and other government agencies for food handling and storage. No other piece of cleaning equipment has the power or stamina to tackle a job of this magnitude.

The best commercial pressure washer for silo cleaning has a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4 GPM. Machines purchased from Daimer Industries for agricultural purposes also include steam capabilities, reaching temperatures up to 330ºF, the highest in the industry. At temperatures this high, surfaces are sanitized and disinfected to meet requirements set forth by the USDA.

Daimer’s Best Commercial Pressure Washers for Cleaning Silos

First and foremost, Daimer Industries is the world leader in industrial cleaning machines. We know the cleaning tasks you must tackle on the farm are incredibly important to your livelihood. Our staff is extremely experienced in assisting you with purchasing the right pressure washer for your needs. For silo cleaning and other tough cleaning applications in and around the farm, we offer seven pressure washing systems perfect for the job.

  1. Super Max 12300
    1. Electric powered
    2. Propane heated
    3. 10 HP NEMA motor
  2. Super Max 12400 PE
    1. Propane powered and heated
    2. Electric start
    3. 20 HP propane engine
  3. Super Max 12500 DE
    1. Diesel powered
    2. Propane heated
  4. Super Max 12500 PE
    1. Propane powered and heated
    2. 20 HP motor
  5. Super Max 12860
    1. Electric powered
    2. Oil heated
    3. 10 HP NEMA motor
  6. Super Max 12880 DE
    1. Diesel powered and heated
    2. 18.8 HP diesel engine
  7. Super Max 15900
    1. Electric powered
    2. Propane and/or fuel oil heated
    3. 10 HP NEMA motor

Each of these powerful pressure washers deliver an impressive 3000 psi and a 4 to 5 GPM flow rate, and they all come with a selection of different nozzles to make tackling a variety of applications quick and easy. In addition, each machine features steam capabilities, reaching temperatures up to 330ºF.

When looking for a commercial pressure washer for sale, one of the things you will want to consider is the mobility of the machine. With several options to choose from at Daimer, think about your access to electricity, and how much you are willing to spend in fuel. Knowing this ahead of time will help narrow down your options and get the right pressure washer for you.

Cleaning silos is about more than just making them look good. There are many safety concerns at hand that if not dealt with properly, can be dangerous and costly. Using commercial pressure washer equipment to clean silos is the best way to meet the strict guidelines set forth by the government in order to keep food products safe while in storage.

Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our line of Super Max pressure washers. Our expert staff is on hand to help you get the best commercial pressure washer for your needs. 


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