September 30, 2014

Commercial Pressure Washers for Any Cleaning Need

Commercial pressure washers are well suited to a variety of cleaning tasks, from kitchens, to bathrooms, to laboratories, to floors. That said, not all cleaning tasks are the same, and not every pressure washer is right for every job. You may need a stronger pressure washer if you're facing industrial-strength challenges; you may need a more refined machine if you're concerned about more delicate surfaces in your commercial space. An electric-powered pressure washer is great for plug-and-go convenience, while a gas-powered pressure washer can deliver maximum cleaning capacity. These are just a few of the considerations you'll want to think about as you begin or finalize your research.

Where to Find the Best Commercial Pressure Washer

There's one more consideration we'd like to throw into the mix: the company from which you purchase your pressure washer. While pressure washers may all look to be roughly the same size, power, and composed of the same materials, there are vast differences in technology and construction quality. At Daimer Industries, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the way we manufacture our products and operate our business. One of the commitments we made early in our business was to use only the absolute best-quality parts in the industry. This decision has obvious benefits for our consumers. It means that, while machines may look similar on the showroom floor, only Daimer Industries products will continue to function at full capacity and serve your needs for years to come.

Of course, before we begin the manufacturing process, there are many steps involved in the research and development stages of every product. Unfortunately, many businesses devote research and development to cost savings—how to pass a cheaper, less-well-made product onto the consumer without the consumer noticing. Daimer Industries performs research and development for only one reason—to create a better product for the end user. Every alteration we make to our machines, and every minute we spend researching those potential alterations, is geared toward creating a better product for our consumer. This has resulted in a number of patented and industry-leading features built into many of our machines. It is also why we can claim confidently that we make the best commercial pressure washer sold anywhere in the world.

Behind every great machine is an expert developer and manufacturer. And within each successful company is an assessment and sales staff that provides expert knowledge about the company product line to potential customers. We are no exception. To start a relationship with Daimer Industries, all you need is a cleaning challenge. With that information, and a little bit about your business, we can provide you with customized solutions that will meet your every need, including budgetary constraints. No one knows our products better than our staff, and no one is more equipped to provide you with clear and unbiased information about our machines. We are able to do this because our staff doesn't work on commission; they make the same amount of money no matter which product you buy. That leaves their only motivation to be creating a satisfied customer. It's how you can be sure that we will never sell you a product you don't need.

A Lineup of Commercial Grade Pressure Washers that Deliver

We have more than two dozen commercial grade pressure washers, which provide you with plenty of options to find the right machine for your needs. Our most portable model is the Super Max 6000, which includes 750 pounds per square inch of pressure and hot water temperatures up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also reach steam temperatures of some 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The Super Max 7000, 9000, and 9500 models all offer additional power, with the 9500 model topping out at 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. These wheel-mounted models are perfect for pressure washing large areas quickly.

If your pressure washing needs are primarily outside, we have several gasoline-powered and trailer-mounted models that offer added power. Because they generate exhaust, they are not suitable for indoor use. The entry-level Super Max 10880, one of our most popular models, can create pressure of 3,500 pounds per square inch, with the industry's highest steam temperature of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to smaller stationary models such as the Super Max 15000 series, we also carry large electric and natural gas units—the Super Max 30000 and 31000—that provide high-flow steam pressure, with temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

We're proud of all of our products, from our agile yet potent portable units to our most powerful stationary machines. We're also proud of our business practices and our status as an American owned and operated company. We believe that our dedication and pride is what has allowed us to grow into the worldwide leader in commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. We have clients all over the world, including major international corporations like Coca-Cola, Boeing, and J. W. Marriott Hotels. We even have our products in use at the White House. All of these honors are ones that we prize, and ones that help us stay motivated to continue developing the best products in the marketplace. But when it comes down to our day-to-day operations, we prize one honor more than any other: winning your trust and finding a solution to your cleaning needs.


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