February 13, 2015

Commercial Electric Pressure Washer

Commercial Electric Pressure WasherIf you are in the car industry you may have heard of a commercial electric pressure washer. These are huge assets to any car dealership. The seasons change and that brings in new weather to deal with. People want to buy nice neat, clean looking cars. They want them to look like new when they first lay eyes on them and drive them off the lot. Using a pressure washer is a fantastic options to quickly and effectively clean the outside of cars. If your area has a huge rain storm the cars are going to have dirt and mud on them. 

Even just water droplets on the car can make it look less appealing to people who want to spend their hard earned money on them. You will be surprised how fast and easy it is to wash a bunch of cars in a short amount of time. You may noticed that when it snows and you have plows come through the salt on the roads can make the cars have a white cloud on them.

A pressure washer is a great option for the winter months to clean and take care of the cars on a daily basis. Moving cars through quickly is a must when running a business. You may find your employees are willing to help out more because a pressure washer is fun to use. Electric pressure washer have lower settings so you can easily adjust the pressure to keep the car from being damaged when washing. They are made for things like this.

Cleaning grills with a pressure washer

Lots of businesses have cookouts during the warm months.  That means the grill is going to have a lot of attention placed on it causing build up on the grates. When oils and grease burn off of food and onto the grates it is hard to clean. Using a metal bristle brush works eventually but takes a load of time. We have more important things to do then wash grills. A commercial electric pressure washer is a good option for cleaning off your grills. If you are the person who has to go around parks and clean the grills for the public to use having a pressure washer will make your job faster, more effective and much easier.

So many people go through parks to make use of the grills. It can be for family reunions, birthday parties or just a family out spending the day together. Parks become unappealing once they look uncared for. Dirty grills are one of the things the public notices. Pressure washers are even great for home use. If you like to throw parties and cook up a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs you no longer have to worry about a messy grill. You can oil it up and get to work on making the food. It is time to skip the back breaking scrubbing of grates and give the entire grill a power wash.

Cleaning out dumpsters

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner you typically have trash cans that are your responsibility. If you are a restaurant you probably throw away a lot of food and that ends up in your dumpster right next to your place of business. Unfortunately the garbage truck typically comes one to two times a week to take your trash for you. This allows food to rot. In the summer months it rots even faster and becomes noticeably stinky. Who wants to enter a place of business when you can smell your trash can from a mile away? Even if the trash has been taken the smell can remain because things stick to the inside and bottom of the dumpster.

This is where a commercial electric pressure washer comes in. It is a simple machine to use and it will quickly clear your dumpster of any and all of the leftover mess. The great thing about a pressure washer is you can use it as often as you want. You do not have to climb in the dumpster or pour buckets of soapy water in anymore to clear out the smell. Your customers will notice and thank you for it.

Pressure washer has many uses

You are not limited on what you use a commercial electric pressure washer for. They are safe to use on objects like cars, trucks, grills, doors and even windows. Having one of these handy can save you time and money. Cleaning commonly used items on a regular basis is very time consuming. With the pressure washer you have cut your task in more than half the time and probably saved your back a little work in the process. The outside of windows are hard to reach. This is true for a home or even a business.

We all know that just because it is hard to reach for us does not mean the dirt and leaves won’t find their way to it. Imagine being able to use a hose just like you were washing a car with just a little less time and a lot more pressure. That is what you get when you use a pressure washer. Each pressure washer comes with their own set of instructions on how to use it. Learning what the correct amount of pressure is for the object you are washing will be key in completing the task at hand without any hiccups. Be sure and take the time to read through the directions carefully. 


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