April 30, 2015

Shopping For The Best Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial Hot Pressure WasherFor years, people used methods to clean harder to reach surfaces that today have known dangers when cleaning. Sand blasters have been known to get the job done, but with harmful effects. Before industrial pressure washers, chemicals were used for the same purpose, but health problems have been a direct link to this method. Sand blasters, too, have been known to explode and cause bodily harm, along with wavering the very confidence the consumers had in the industry.

When a new method came along that made the job a lot easier, the market for the washers was enormous. Steam pressure washers were introduced and the impact couldn’t have had a better impression on the average American family and the industry as it is. The machines are now used daily, with nearly every family using the washers for their transportation or the driveway itself.

Introducing the Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer

Washers are made for the consumer to associate with hot and cold water. While both are effective, the models have very different uses. Pressure washers used with cold water are generally for washing car engines, along with grimy driveways or sidewalks. Never before had it been easier to get the job done, and feel safe and confident while doing it.

Hot water, when used with the air pressure within the washers, is used to remove oil and grease. Repair shops use this method daily, as this is the only way to remove the grime that builds up constantly. Wash bays, especially, take advantage of the hot water pressure washers, being one of the biggest uses of such a method.

When using hot water, the pressure makes it possible for the water to heat to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit when the washer is used. Being at such a high temperature, along with the pressure being used, the hot water pressure washers are more effective.

What makes a quality Industrial Steam Pressure Washer?

When shopping for pressure washers, a lot of characteristics go into grading the top choices. Motors and fuels such as commercial, gas, and electric are big factors in what consumers look for when shopping for the right one. Brands go into the decision making as well, Briggs & Stratton being a popular choice. Often, smaller washers outperform larger ones of the same brand, due to the fuels that drives it, and using such a compact machine leaves the consumer at ease.

At 3000 PSI, Honda commercial power washers are popular for their stature and their motor. Given high reviews, products such as the BE Semi-Pro have earned rave reviews for their performance and the effort it takes to carry out a task with one of these machines. A commercial grade power washer such as the BE Semi-Pro is given such high praise for its “pneumatic tires” that allow it to navigate easily over rough surfaces, its easy to use spray gun and trigger for less fatigue, and hose made of “steel braid-reinforced” rubber to make it easier to handle while on the job.

When to use the cold water

For the various types of commercial electric pressure washers, it is best to use the one better suited for the occasion. Cold water washers are best used on:

  • Concrete
  • Gutters
  • Siding or brick walls
  • Wood surfaces
  • Screen doors and glass
  • Windowsills and window wells
  • Porches
  • Tile
  • Cars or trucks
  • Countertops

Cold water is best when used on surfaces which hot water would potentially be harmful to said surface, and would be better suited for:

  • Garages
  • Repair shops
  • Grimy lots
  • Dealerships
  • Wash bays

With different temperatures and pressures from every machine, knowing which situations to use cold or hot water is helpful.

How hot do they get?

As mentioned before, various machines have a given pressure and heat variable that is associated with such machines. Commercial pressure washers often get up to and excess of two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Often, machines are made to far exceed this, given the purpose of the washer, and the job being performed.

The Daimer Super Max 6000 reaches steam temperatures up to three hundred degrees, whereas its hot water temperature reaches a max of two hundred. For various jobs, the higher a steam temperature the better. Removing grease and oil stains is a job requiring such a detail, and this is a benefactor of having that option.

Certified for the Consumer

In the past, safety issues have been a cause for concern in different methods of cleaning various surfaces, this is why all pressure washers are put to the test to ensure the consumer feels safe and in control of the product on display. The certifications are given to ensure all machines comply with all laws and regulations, thus being “ASME certified” gives the consumer peace of mind when using power washers being produced and sold to the general public. All industrial power washers for sale, therefore, are made safe for home use.

The Guarantee

Being a company that ships nationwide, we offer machines fit for every home, business, or job site. In every U.S. state and many countries, we offer washers from cold water, to hot water, and wet steam that is fit for any situations that may arise. Not only is the product certified, our machines and services are boasted about in various publications worldwide. Quality is what is offered when looking for an industrial power washer, and we do not stop short of providing just that. 


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