May 28, 2016

Commercial Pressure Washers – Essential in Roof Repair

Commercial Pressure WasherRoof leak damage can lead to the sheathing and the rafters rot, where mold is going to grow in the insulation too. Then, the water stains are going to be spotted all around the ceilings or go down the walls, showing that you have a roof leak. Yet, figuring out the location of the leak is the most difficult part. Having a commercial pressure washer is essential in fixing the leaking roof.

Commercial Electric Pressure Washer

When you are choosing a pressure washer, there are a few things to consider. A gas-pressure washer emits carbon monoxide, making electric power washers more common. You can choose to use an electric hand held pressure washer. This machine uses high quality pups and induction motors so that you can use it for years. It’s ideally placed handles allow you to get exactly where you are wanting to clean and the cord stretches 35 ft. You can also consider using an electric cold water pressure washer. This machine is useable everyday.

They will be on a wheeled cart so that it is easily moveable and the PSI goes up to 4000, giving it grand cleaning capabilities. An Electric Hot water Pressure washer heats to temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to accomplish the tough cleaning jobs. These power washers need at least 230 volt electricity, meaning you have to have a double throw circuit breaker. An Electric wall mount pressure washer allows for stationary cleaning needs. There are a variety different pressure washers you can consider to help you with your roof repair.

Leaking Roof

It is no surprise that small leaks lead to a lot of damage. With this in mind, it is important to find and fix the leak before it causes more and more problems. To find the leak, you will need to have running water—a power washer.

Having a Pressure Washer To Fix the Roof

Along with having a pressure washer to have running water to find the leaks in the roof, you can also use the pressure washer to clean the roof so that you can visually see where the leak is on the roof. Having a clean roof is so much easier with a pressure washer, as pressure washers are the easiest way to clean the roof shingles, tiles, and metal. Having the pressurized water allows you to have enough power to blow away all of the dirt and grime without further damaging the roof.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Daimer offers a variety of different pressure washers that you should consider for your roof repair needs. The Super Max 6000 is a pressure washer that uses propane to heat the water. The machine offers a pressure level of up to 750 PSI, with a flow rate of 1.4 GPM. The hot water temperature gets to 210 degrees Fahrenheit and the steam temperature gets up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The Super Max 7000 is a commercial grade industrial power washer that is an electric, wet steam, industrial pressure cleaner that is also heated by propane.

The Super Max 7000 had a pressure level of 1000 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This allows temperatures to get as high as 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, where steam temperatures can get as high as 330 degrees Fahrenheit. For whatever you pressure washing needs are, Daimer has a commercial pressure washer for you. Pressure washers are essential to roof repair so make sure that you invest in the right pressure washer so that it lasts a lifetime and is there for everything that you need it for.

Get your Power Washing Machine from Daimer today!

For your power washing machine, go to Daimer. Daimer has professional power washing equipment that will allow you to find your leaking roof or help you clean it so that it is ready for repairs. For more information, call the power washing professionals at Daimer or 1-877-830-7346. Daimer is a recognized brand worldwide, know as a leader in innovative technology for the cleaning industry. The pressure washers sold by Daimer not only have incredible financing options, they come with warranties – along with a name recognized for its durability and high quality equipment.

Located in the United States of America, Daimer ships to over 240 countries, making it easy to get the equipment you want, where you want it. The advanced engineering and technology in the products offered by Daimer allow you the best cleaning experience for your roof and roof repairs. There are a variety of pressure washers on the market and finding the right one that is within your budget that will also last the long term is essential. Call Daimer today to get the pressure washer you need for your roof repairs and cleaning needs.


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