November 14, 2014

Daimer Industries Has the Best Electric Pressure Washer in the World

Every industrial setting is going to build up dirt and grime over time; it is simply part of the business. And once the grime has had enough time to set in, it becomes notoriously difficult to clean up with any basic method. For this reason, Daimer Industries has developed the best electric pressure washer in the industry.

An electric pressure washer is designed to use a very high heat combined with very high pressure to create a stream of water that can cut into the pores of most any surface and separate the dirt and grime from the surface for quick and easy removal. Ordinary cleaning systems work with cold water and cleaners, soaps or other cleaning liquids, and frankly they do not always get the job done. A lot of industrial level grime is simply too deep and sticky for these traditional systems to get through. We have yet to see a mess that our electric pressure washers can’t clean.

The Advantages of an Industrial Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers differ from their gas or oil powered counterparts in a variety of ways. To start, and most obviously, they are powered through an electrical outlet. This confers a number of benefits, namely that they can easily be used indoors because they do no emit any emissions or fumes that the gas or oil powered machines do. They can also be used quickly and efficiently, as power outlets are widely accessible in industrial environments. An industrial electric pressure washer also heats up very quickly, meaning that the user is going to be able to clean their environment much quicker which is going to come in handy during time-sensitive tasks. Electric pressure washers are also quieter than their oil or gas powered counterparts.

An electric pressure washer is also designed to be smaller and easier to handle, as they don’t require a gas tank or large motor, and this makes them very handy for smaller or tighter environments that ask for a bit more finesse.

Daimer’s line of electric pressure washers can be used for all sorts of cleaning operations, ranging from the stickiest, dirtiest environments that call for a very high heat and high pressure, to small cleaning jobs on surfaces that won’t be able to handle high heat and high pressure; the settings on the electric pressure washers are easy to navigate so that you can achieve the optimal heat and pressure for any situation.

Daimer Has a Large Variety of Electric Pressure Washers

Daimer’s line of Vapor-Flo electric pressure washers ranges from a basic level cleaner with lower temperatures and pressures that can be used for more general cleaning applications to a more intense, high heat and high pressure washer that is needed for the most intense industrial settings.

For example, the Vapor-Flo 7210 is a pressure washer that can handle moderate cleaning applications. It has moderate pressure levels of 103.5 bar and a low flow rate of 1.5 LPM. The water can reach a temperature of 96 degrees Celsius. It has a standard power method: 220V-240V, three phase, 60Hz / 440V, three phase 60 Hz. This electric pressure washer is good for more general cleaning applications.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Vapor Flo 8970, which is designed for commercial or industrial grade cleaning applications. This machine has a high pressure level of 2175 PSI and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. It supports hot water temperature levels as high as 175ºF. It is powered by a 4.0 horsepower motor, and has a standard power configuration of 440V, three phase, 60 Hz. This is going to be an appropriate option for serious industrial level cleaning operations.

Industrial settings can vary in a big way, potentially including concrete, tile, stainless steel, brick, stone, conveyor belts, food and manufacturing equipment. It is important to get a cleaning machine that is appropriate for the environment. Many of these surfaces have deep pores that can hang onto grime if given enough time, and only the strongest machines with high temperatures and pressures will be able to bring them back to their original state. If you are facing this sort of industrial environment, then look no further than Daimer, the top seller of electric pressure cleaners in the world.

Why Shop Daimer?

Daimer Industries is the leading brand of electric pressure washers. Daimer’s customers include the White House, some of the top national and multi-national brands, as well as hundreds of thousands of others ranging from local businesses, the military, and more. Daimer is a trusted brand that provides the best products at the best prices. We have a wide range of cleaners for any application.

Daimer’s electric pressure washers are not to be matched by any others in the industry. We are known for our high quality components, solid construction, and efficiency. Our machines last long after other brands need to head back to the repair shop.

We have an incredible variety of electric pressure washers for any occasion, and know that you will be able to find one that fits the specifics of whatever environment you need to clean.

Daimer employs a large number of product specialists who know the specifics of all of our machines, and will gladly steer you toward the perfect machine for your cleaning application.


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