January 14, 2016

Electric Pressure Washers for Cleaning Recreational Areas

Electric Pressure WashersParks and other recreational areas serve the public as places for families and friends to come together to relax and have fun. During the warm summer months, graduation parties, receptions, birthday parties and other celebratory events bring large groups of people together under the many pavilions at local parks. Parents with small kids in tow use playground equipment, and teens swarm the sporting courts and fields to take part in friendly competition. Some people bring their dogs along for a walk along paved trails, and of course, most people arrive at the park in an automobile. It is safe to say that most parks and recreation areas get used quite heavily, at least during warmer seasons. This heavy use can leave public parks less than inviting, which is why our local recreation departments work hard to keep them clean. After all, no one would ever visit a dirty park.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways park maintenance personnel keep our parks clean is by using electric pressure washers. Power washing makes efficient use of time and manpower, and is the best way to tackle the multiple tasks required to keep our recreational areas clean and safe. Let’s take a look at some of the specific area municipal recreation departments are responsible for maintaining.

An Industrial Electric Pressure Washer Tackles a Multitude of Recreational Cleaning Tasks

Keeping parks and other public gathering places clean and safe is no easy feat. These areas are almost always in use, and many people don’t think about the impact their presence has on their surroundings. It is up to our parks departments to make sure these areas are cleaned regularly. Here are a few of the areas that can be addressed with an industrial electric pressure washer.

  • Picnic tables and benches – Just stop a second and consider the number of people who sit on the tables and benches placed throughout any given park. That’s a lot of behinds, not to mention the amount of food and other things that tend to become stuck on these pieces of park furniture. Power washing them a couple of times a season during the busy seasons can help keep them inviting for people to use and eat off of.
  • Pavilions – Pavilions see a lot of traffic. Their concrete floors collect a host of dirt, food and other unattractiveness. An electric pressure washer will keep the floor looking great season after season.
  • Grills – The barbeque grills at a park see quite a bit of use, which causes grease and grime to build up on the grate. The fastest and easiest way to clean them is to use an electric hot water pressure washer that blasts the grease away with high-pressure super-hot water.
  • Playground equipment – A clean playground is a safe playground. Dozens of kids frequent the playground area of a part on a regular basis. As cute as they are, kids are notorious germ machines. It’s easy to see how the spread of germs can happen easily and quickly on a playground. In addition, oils and grime from the hands can build up on handle bars and monkey bars and cause a slippery grip. Power washing playground equipment once or twice a season can help reduce unsanitary or dangerous situations.
  • Tennis & basketball courts – Most people don’t think twice about dropping their chewed gum on the ground, and this is why tennis and basketball courts are often littered with the stuff. In addition, tracking dirt and other debris onto the court is common. Power washing these high-traffic areas regularly can remove deposits that could be a hazard during play, as well as keep the courts looking great.

These are just a few of the ways parks and recreations departments can use electric pressure washers to keep our parks clean and safe for public use.

Our Dedication to Helping Keep Our Parks Clean

Here at Daimer Industries, we enjoy using our public parks just as much as the next guy. We also enjoy helping our hard-working recreation department keep them clean by providing the best industrial electric pressure washers on the market today. We know keeping our parks clean is a full-time job, and that’s why we offer an array of electric heated pressure washers that can ease the job, saving time and money.

While there are many different types of pressure washers on the market, for recreational cleaning, an electric pressure washer is better suited than most other types, including gas powered models. This is because:

  • Most parks with pavilions offer several electrical outlets for plugging in a machine. You simply plug in and begin cleaning.
  • Electric models are usually quieter than their gas-powered counterparts
  • Electric pressure washers can be used indoors or out.
  • The electric power offers higher pressure and hotter water temperatures. Our models put out a whopping 2175 PSI with a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. Hot water temperatures reach up to 205ºF, which is hot enough to melt even the most stubborn stains found in communal areas such as parks.

If you are in the market for an industrial electric pressure washer, be sure to check out our line of Vapor-Flo models, which offer hot and cold water operation, impressive pressure output and high performance to tackle almost any recreational cleaning task. Contact us today at 1-877-830-7346, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expert staff will help you choose the right electric pressure washer for your needs.


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