April 26, 2016

Electric Pressure Washers: Hot vs. Cold

There are dozens of good electric pressure washers for sale on the market today. This can make it very difficult to choose one that best suits the needs of your home or business.

Two major kinds of pressure washers exist, and both have different functions. Hot pressure washers are ideal for cutting through oil and other liquids, while cold pressure washers quickly remove dirt. The differing temperatures can also affect what surfaces the machines can be used on. For example, a hot pressure washer might damage sensitive fabrics or low-quality plastics when used at its max temperature.

If you are planning on purchasing an electric heated pressure washer in the near future, use this guide to learn whether or not it will truly fulfill your needs. This will help save you time and money. You'll also be able to select a device that better suits your needs.

Hot Pressure Washers Cut Through Grease

Electric Pressure WasherAn electric hot water pressure washer is designed to clean quickly and efficiently. While cold pressure washers focus on blasting the dirt away, hot pressure washers focus on dissolving it. The goal is to penetrate the oily substances using soap, heat and force.

There are several items around the house that can benefit from this intense cleaning method. Cars are a great example, as hot water can cut through the excess grime on engine parts without melting them. Because automotive parts are made from durable metals, they can withstand the high temperatures of the electric pressure washer. This means that you get a very detailed clean without risking damage.

Heating the water is also a very safe procedure, making the devices suitable for both home and commercial applications. Most devices use a boiler to create high amounts of heat in just a few moments. Others use a combination of a high pressure pump and heating coil. These machines are often fueled by gas or diesel oil.

All-electric models offer more control on temperature and don't require frequent fuel fill-ups like their gas counterparts. This makes them a more practical investment, especially for businesses that need to clean a wider variety of surfaces on a regular basis.

Electric Pressure Washers Bring More Control

Electricity is a gamechanger when it comes to choosing between a hot or cold pressure washer. Most gas-powered models are one or the other. Because electric models are heated differently, they can switch back and forth much easier. This makes it easier to control the temperature of the device and makes pressure washers electric more of an all-purpose cleaning solution.

Electric pressure washers are also able to produce higher levels of pressure overall. This helps create higher flow rates and makes it possible to cut through stubborn stains. This speeds up the cleaning process and gives people the flexibility they need to clean almost any surface.

Industrial Electric Pressure Washer Cools Down Fast

The biggest benefit of choosing an industrial electric pressure washer, aside from it being more environmentally-friendly, is that it can be used on a wider variety of surfaces. While hot water is most commonly used in cleaning, there are several situations that still call for cold water to be used.

 For example:

  • Cleaning kitchen tiles
  • Blasting the dirt off of fabrics
  • Scrubbing down painted surfaces, like car exteriors
  • Indoor cleaning tasks

Most modern pressure washers can quickly switch between cold and hot water with the touch of a button. Smaller, more portable models use a heavy duty motor to heat the water at will. For example, the Vapor-Flo 8550 is a powerful device that heats water up to 170 degrees. This smaller device heats the water in as little as 20 seconds, whereas a gas powered model may take minutes to get to its ideal cleaning temperature.

Choosing the Best Hot and Cold Pressure Washer Electric

When it comes to purchasing a new pressure washer for your home or business, there are dozens of options available. If you know you will only be using the pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, such as removing oil from your driveway, a hot pressure washer can help. If your goal is to remove dirt from a variety of surfaces, a cold pressure washer can help.

The best pressure washer investment is an electric model that allows you to take advantage of both hot and cold temperatures. This allows you to use the device on a number of surfaces and helps you conserve energy. Daimer has several pressure washer electric models that can produce the high temperatures you need for the toughest cleaning jobs, but can switch to cold water in a matter of seconds to help you blast sensitive materials clean in seconds.

See some of the latest pressure cleaners on the market when you visit Daimer.com.


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