May 02, 2016

Hot Steam Pressure Washer vs. Industrial Spinners for Tile Cleaning

Hot Steam Pressure WasherSo you have a building with tile floors and you know that the tile has been building up a level of grime for a long time. Sure, you could hop down on the ground with some towels and soapy water, scrubbing away at each tile with all your might. You could do that and end up with an entirely sore body and if you want the floor to look professionally cleaned, then you’re going to have to spend hours.

You don’t want to do that work yourself and you likely don’t want to pay someone else to do it either.

So that leaves you in a spot where you want to purchase a machine that can do the work quickly, easily and in a quality manner. And after some research you will find that you have a choice between industrial spinners or hot steam pressure washers.

Which one to choose?

That depends on a variety of factors, so here are some things to factor in when you get ready to make a choice regarding which type of machine will best serve you as you attempt to take layers of grime off your tile floors.

Hot steam pressure washers

An industrial hot water pressure washer will be powered by electric and the wet steam will come from propane. The lowest-grade machines offered by Daimer can offer excellent pressure of 750 pounds per square inch and they have a flow rate of about 1.4 gallons per minute. The steam that comes out of the Super Max 6000 model, for example, can reach as high as 330 degrees Fahrenheit – essential for disinfecting and cleaning at the same time.

Some of the industrial grade hot steam pressure washers offered by Daimer, meanwhile, can get around 1,000 pounds per square inch and they have a higher flow rate of four gallons per minute to go with steam temperatures of around 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The Super Max 15900 will take it up a notch as well with a flow rate of five gallons per minute.

You will use a wand to spray the steam spray and it will attach to the unit with a hose. You can stand in one spot in theory and take care of a whole room, simply pointing the wand on the areas that you would like to pay special attention to.

The motors and tanks will differ between larger and smaller models. Small ones will have tow large wheels, one small one on the front, and a handle for moving the unit. The biggest and the best, though, come on a four-wheeled cart that can hold large amounts of weight.

Some can get their steam from things like kerosene and gas as well.

Industrial spinners

An industrial spinner is a much different type of product. For starters, it can be used on hard surfaces like tile but can also clean carpets and other materials.

The operator will hold a long metal pole that has the spinner attached and move the spinner back and forth in patterns along the tile floor. The spinner buffs out the grime attached to the tile and does it quickly. In fact, spinners can work up to 30 times faster than conventional steam technology. The spinner has a rubber guard around the outside that prevents large amounts of liquid from escaping, making sure that you clean the area you want without dirtying other areas nearby.

Daimer’s Xtreme Power HSC 13000 is on the lower end of the spectrum and provides 1500 pounds per square inch. It has a 9-inch spinning turbo head and can go through 1,000 revolutions in just one minute, and that helps cover 1,000 square feet per hour.

For the top model in the collection, look at the Xtreme Power HSC 14000A. The main difference is an acoustic case on the water holder that reduces the operating noise, all the way down to 58 decibels.

You’ll also get a hugely bigger spinning head, with a diameter of 19 inches. It spins to clean but also extracts while it works.

How to buy

Pricing is relatively similar between comparable models at Daimer when it comes to pressure washers and spinners. When you are making your purchase decision, you won’t find that one is head and shoulders better when it comes to the value you get. You can also apply for financing plans on all machines, a benefit for businesses that don’t have major cash reserves.

As always, Daimer provides American-made quality and can sell its products all over the world. You can rest assured that your machine was made with the utmost care and quality, and you can rest assured that the people who made it are your fellow Americans.


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