April 13, 2016

Top Three Problems You Can Address with an Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Commercial Pressure WasherAn electric commercial pressure washer is the perfect product for routine maintenance and cleanings. Waiting until the last minute to clean an area can end up with grime buildup or even unsafe conditions. This ends up presenting problems that you did not originally foresee. This can be a costly, hard earned lesson when you are trying to scrub years-old grime off an HVAC unit with just elbow grease and man power. With some proper research, it is clear that a commercial pressure washer will provide you with the tools to eliminate these cleaning problems in the future. Read more about how you can address these common problems head on, and solve them by using an electric commercial pressure washer.

What is an Electric Pressure Washer?

An electric pressure washer is a system powered by an outlet and uses only electricity to heat up the water. As some pressure washers are heated by gas, an electric pressure washer can save money on propane and make it easier by just having one power source. We offer many different types of power outlets for international clients’ outlets as well. A pressure washer can be used for many different commercial uses, like refreshing walls, cleaning equipment, removing gum from sidewalks, and stripping down storage areas. Our Vapor-Flo Line is a smaller, rugged unit for moderate cleaning jobs. The motors range from 1.0 Horse Power (HP) - 4.0 HP, and pressure rates that vary from 103.5 bar - 2175 pounds per square inch (PSI). The products are durable and portable, set to wheel around to different locations.

How an Electric Pressure Washer Can Help Your Business

There are particular challenges that commercial buildings and equipment routinely encounter simply due to the elements. If you decide to go all-electric, this means you will only have one power source to deal with, which can be useful for indoor applications. Here are the top three maintenance problems that businesses face, and how an electric commercial pressure washer eliminates or reduces their proliferation.

  1. Cleaning Hard to Reach Spots

Our commercial pressure washers have an solid pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) rate for such compact and portable systems. All of this is backed by a  horsepower engine to propel the water stream as forcefully as possible. Two different modes gives you a heavy and light cleaning option; Hot water is great for sanitizing, and cold water can be good for walls or surfaces that need to be rinsed. The force of the water is powerful enough for you to reach higher spots, crawl spaces, drains, and vents. Other examples of hard to reach spots are hood ducts, conveyor belts, meat processing equipment, and walk-in refrigerators.

  1. Cleaning Fragile Exteriors or Objects

Some buildings have very tough exteriors, and thus hot water pressure quickly gets the job done. However, some other exteriors like painted wood require more of a delicate process. You also may be cleaning industrial equipment that would be costly if it were to be damaged. Cold water cleaning is the easiest way to gently remove dirt. Detergents and Eco Green chemicals can also assist for a gentler, faster clean. Our pressure washers are even safe for HVAC evaporators/condensers and fin tube coils.

  1. Costly Exterior Repairs

Electric commercial pressure washers save you money by allowing you to clean off harmful algae, bacteria, insects, and grime from your walls. Over time, these uncontrollable substances can build up, and can even eat away at exterior materials. This costs thousands of dollars in repairs, and unless a solution is implemented it will continue to occur. If mold starts to grow, this could become a biohazard to you and the other employees over time. The Vapor-Flo line is great for routine cleanings as a preventative measure.

Our Experience and Customer Service Commitment

Daimer Industries has over 80 years of experience helping customers and clients address their large scale, company wide needs. This 80 years of experience has brought improvements to commercial pressure washer technology. We sell only the best commercial pressure washers on the market, and provide unrivaled customer service. This has allowed us to acquire some of the country’s leading manufacturing brands, such as GE, Dole, Hershey, and Wrigley, just to name a few. We also have close to 100 product specialists at our call centers ready to share their knowledge to help integrate your new system into their maintenance routine. Check out all of our durable, light cleaning Vapor-Flo options today.


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