February 26, 2016

What is the Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer?

Commercial Electric Pressure WasherPressure washers have been an industry standard for cleaning for many years now, and with good reason. They are able to expel water at high pressure, and they are able to reach a heat of several hundred degrees within a few moments. Of course the heating will depend heavily upon the boiler the device is equipped with and it will also depend upon how long the individual waits before using the pressure washer. These two go hand in hand, obviously. There has been considerable debate over whether one would want to use a commercial electric pressure washer or if they would want to go the gas route. There are benefits to both, so let’s spend a brief moment discussing those benefits.

Gas vs. Electric: The Final Word

Okay, so should you use a commercial electric pressure washer or should you choose to go with gas? We’re going to say electric for a few reasons. Gas is a great investment. It is more durable, and quite frankly you can take it with you anywhere. If, for example, you are running a business that involves cleaning out warehouses, or siding, then a gas powered commercial pressure washer for sale might be the way to go.

Not only can you take it anywhere, it is often considered to be more powerful and more durable than the alternative. There are some downsides, however, the biggest one being that gas pressure washers are not great for indoor industrial environments, especially if you are in the food service industry. There are low emission pressure washers, of course, but most simply do not want to take the risk. That being said, electric is often the method of choice.  

There is some controversy over whether or not electric commercial pressure washer equipment can stand up to the reigning gas standard, especially when it comes to pressure, but in recent years many companies have managed to bring the typical electric pressure washer up to the gas pressure standard, making it more and more feasible to use these devices as one sees fit. In addition to that, commercial electric pressure washers are much more durable than the standard consumer models.

One of the greatest concerns was that like the consumer models, industrial models would be made from cheap plastic and would not last more than a few years. This is absolutely not the case in the industrial world, and with that being said, it should be absolutely no surprise that companies are going the electric route except for in very specialized cases. The biggest downside between the two, is that electric needs an outlet and can sometimes draw a considerable amount of power from the source.

So this answers the question of whether or not gas or electric is more powerful, because they are essentially equal now with modern advancements. Shopping for the best pressure washer however, is something that might throw you off a bit.

The Cost of Pressure

Gas Powered Pressure WasherWhile electric pressure washers are most definitely just as powerful as their gas counterparts, you will still pay for higher PSI.  Many of the mid-range pressure washers will reach pressures of 1000 PSI, but there are those that can go as high as 5000 PSI. Such models can be very expensive, but the efficiency that they bring to the job simply cannot be denied. That being the case, now might be a very good time to start looking at the different models and determining which of these is best for your business.

The biggest consideration that you need to make when you are in the process of buying commercial pressure washers is whether or not you need to give your company room to grow. For example, if you purchase something that works for the moment, but won’t work well later on as your business expands, then you might find yourself sinking more money into something that you could have remedied with the first purchase. There is no doubt that this is a difficult decision, but once you get it worked out, you will be more than ready to purchase your pressure washer and get to cleaning.

There are many different models out there, all of which offer something a bit different. When it comes down to it, however, you want to make sure that you have something that is able to grow with you, and most importantly, cut through the dirt.


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