March 13, 2015

Why Should You Invest in Electric Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure WashersElectric pressure washers have emerged as the first choice of several industries and commercial establishments as they are portable, efficient, lightweight and pollution free since they don’t run on fuel.  Considered to be the second generation power washers, they are easy to maintain, which is yet another reason to buy them.

How Do Electric Pressure Washers Work

Some key parts of an electric pressure washer are its electric motor, high-pressure hose, the cleaner attachment, water inlet and water pump. Once you plug the machine into the power outlet and pull the trigger, the water pump pushes the water, which runs through the hose and comes out of the cleaning attachment’s detachable nozzle. Usually, a running faucet acts as the source of water. Most electric pressure washers for sale have a filter on the water inlet, which stops dirt and other debris from getting into the machine. Depending on the type of surface you want to clean, you can find different kinds of cleaning attachments available in the market.

At times, some operators add detergent to hot water for more efficient cleaning. However, you should remember that using cold water with detergents won’t help much due to a slower dissolving process. Also, it’s better to use detergents only with pressure washers that have a wide spray pattern. In case you use the detergents wrongly, you may end up damaging the internal parts of the machine. Therefore, it’s ideal to use plain water for rinsing the area first, which should be followed by the detergent wash. Finally, rinsing the surface with plain water should get the job done. Before you start the actual cleaning process, it’s recommended that you check the spray pattern and water pressure.

How to Select the Best Electric Pressure Washer?

You should research all available options in the market before selecting any specific model of electric pressure washer. This would ensure that you don’t miss out on the best ones. Also, you should have a fair idea of your cleaning needs. Experts advise overestimating your needs rather than buying a machine that breaks down due to being overworked.

There are several models to choose from, each having its own set of unique designs and user-friendly features, which aim to make your cleaning tasks quicker and easier compared to the conventional cleaning tools and modes. Your choice of the best electric pressure washer shouldn’t be driven just by the price tag. Rather, you should take into account other factors as well such as the types of cleaning challenges the machine needs to face, features that you seek, your budget as well as the efficiency and durability of the model. Remember – “best” is a relative term. After all, a machine that’s the best for an industry may not be the best for another with a different set of criteria and cleaning needs.

Features of Electric Pressure Washers to Look for

Electric pressure washers intended for commercial and industrial use should have greater horse power (HP), water flow (GPM), and greater pressure (PSI). Depending on whether you need heavy-duty cleaning at a construction site, in a shop, or on a road crew, you may also get additional features that are essential for better performance suited to such tasks. Such features may include easy-start engine, longer-lasting pump with adjustable pressure, hot water capability, larger tank, wheel cart with large tires, longer hose, industrial-grade wand and gun etc, though the exact features may vary from one model to another.

Pros of Electric Pressure Washers

Most electric pressure washers for sale are lightweight and compact, which makes it very easy to carry them to different locations and work seamlessly with them. Another advantage of such machines is their lesser noise pollution (78 dBA of sound) as compared to gas pressure washers (85 dBA). Thus, users don’t need hearing protection while working with these machines. 

Since commercial electric pressure washers require less ventilation and can be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks, unlike gas-operated ones, you can do a lot with them. That they are easy to maintain, thanks to having fewer parts, is another factor that scores big with the operators.

These machines are quite affordable and don’t consume a lot of power, which are again factors that make many choose them.

Lastly, flexible operational features of electric pressure washers, which give enhanced convenience to the operators, make up for another plus point. For simple routine cleaning tasks on surfaces that are unlikely to endure hot water pressure, these machines can be used without any problem. For advanced cleaning of surfaces, which often have stubborn stains and deposits that can’t be removed by cold water cleaning, electric pressure washers are ideal. No wonder that for simple cleaning tasks to comprehensive cleaning, commercial and industrial facilities depend a lot on these machines.

Before you buy electric pressure washers, you should keep in mind that there exists a huge difference between a cheap model and the best one. Also, checking the features of a machine to see if they meet your cleaning needs and budget is equally important. In case you are in a dilemma, you can check expert recommendations or browse leading online stores offering different models to compare and take your pick.

For a wide variety of electric power washers and other pressure washers, you can browse our site or call us to get the best deals. So, act now and let our machines do heavy-duty cleaning, just the way you would have liked them to.


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