Powered by Electricity Heated by Oil/Diesel

Powered by Electricity Heated by Oil/Diesel
7 Powered by Electricity Heated by Oil/Diesel
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Powered by Electricity Heated by Oil/Diesel

50 Hz International Electric Powered and Oil/Diesel Heated Pressure Washers

Commercial and industrial businesses in countries all around the world experience a continuing need for powerful pressure washers. However, not all suppliers meet the growing, international demand. This is just one of the many areas where Daimer Industries® sets itself apart from competitors.

To meet the growing needs of its international customer base, Daimer® ships cleaning equipment all around the world. In general, gas, propane, and diesel pressure washers can be used in virtually any country worldwide. The only two constraints on these gas, propane, and diesel pressure washers are the availability of fuel and their required use outdoors or in well ventilated areas, due to production of gas.

However, it is a well known fact that not all countries operate on the same power frequencies. This creates a problem for suppliers offering electric pressure washers in only 60 Hz configurations. As such, Daimer® has introduced a line of international electric pressure washers for countries operating on 50 Hz frequencies.

Electric Pressure Washers for All Applications

Electric pressure washer machines are highly beneficial for indoor applications, as they do not generate exhaust. Don't let this fool you, they are also powerful for a number of outdoor applications, as well. The only requirement is a nearby source of electricity, be it an electrical plug point or a generator.

Daimer®'s 50 Hz electric pressure washer systems come in a wide variety of configurations. They vary among pressure levels, flow rates, temperature options, and portability configurations to meet the requirements of a host of different applications.

The Super Max™ 12805 is the ideal electric pressure washer for auto detailing applications where operators prefer oil or diesel for heating. With an optimum pressure level of 1000 psi and a flow rate of 2 GPM, auto detailers can effectively blast away stubborn deposits without damaging the painted exteriors of vehicles or creating drainage problems with excess water flow. Like many of Daimer®'s international pressure cleaners, these systems can act independently as cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, or steam pressure washers, by selecting the right temperature option to match the application at hand.

For less demanding applications, Daimer® also offers a line of cold water pressure washers for countries with 50 Hz power frequencies. Due to lack of a heating element, these systems can only accept inlet temperatures. Thus, their cleaning power is lower than that of hot water pressure washers and steam pressure washers which use the power of heat to dissolve challenging stains and deposits.

No matter what your needs, whether they vary in power configurations, specifications, or unique applications, Daimer® has the right pressure washing machine for you.

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