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XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125829178)
XTreme Power HSC 13000
XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125829178)
Price: $7,755.00
XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125829178)


Introducing The Industry's Most Versatile Floor
Cleaning Equipment Including Daimer's Exclusive
Auto-Turbocharged Rotational™ Blade Technology



hard floor cleaners, hard floor steam cleaners, hard surface floor cleaners


  • American Made Daimer 1500 PSI, XTreme-Power HSC series floor hard surface machines are the most innovative systems of their kind in the industry. No scrubbers or buffers can touch the machines' cleaning power.
  • Blazing Speed: 30 Times Faster than vapor steam technology!
  • Tremendous Cost Savings: Daimer's water pumps in the 13000/14000 series last up to 6 times longer (for a savings of about $4000!) than pumps used in other less powerful 1200 psi hard surface machines on the market.
  • Daimer's Own XTreme-Impact® Technology - Includes a BREAKTHROUGH, PATENTED motorized 9" turbo spinning head with a blade than spins at 1000 revolutions per minute (RPM), and cleans up to 1000 square feet/hour of tile and grout. A rubber guard around the head acts to eliminate over-spraying and uncontrolled water flow.
  • Multi-Functional Use: The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 and 14000 series systems can be used as a hard floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and wall cleaner when using the appropriate tool. The commercial industrial hard surface cleaning machine offers a simultaneous "clean and extraction" operation.
  • Ultra Long Distance Cleaning - Users can operate the wand up to 200' from a water source to clean up to a 125,000 square foot area without moving the system! The same holds true for the 13000A, 14000, and 14000A models.
  • Cleans much more effectively than non-motorized spinners - about 500 psi is lost when competitive machines spin their non-motorized blades!

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XTreme Power HSC 14000A Hard Surfaces Cleaner
Price: $9,145.00
  • The XTreme Power® HSC 14000A offers the same exclusive XTreme-Impact® Technology and cleaning power as the HSC 14000 commercial industrial hard surface spinner cleaning machine with simultaneous extraction in the addition to an acoustic case that reduces operating noise to a very quiet 58 decibels.
  • This versatile spinner hard surface cleaning machine includes the same motorized 19" spinner head as the 14000.
  • This quiet and powerful hard surface spinner equipment and machine is ideal especially for hospitals, nursing homes, and any other facility with a need for a powerful floor cleaning machine with simultaneous extraction.

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Varied Applications and Uses of Equipment For Cleaning Hard Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning hard surfaces, contractors are often at a loss. There are a very few brands, one of them being Daimer®, who sell high-quality, commercial grade equipment. Buyers who purchase low-end machines from inferior brands often regret their decision due to the low productivity, high cost of maintenance and operation, and lowered efficiency of these machines. There is also a lack of information regarding the applications of each type of hard surface washing equipment. Before purchasing a pressure cleaner or hard surface cleaning equipment, it is recommended that you understand the applications and possible limitations of each type of machinery in order to make the right choice.

Pressure cleaner systems use a high-pressure water spray to forcefully remove grime from hard surfaces. For greater effectiveness, particularly for clearing away grease and similar impurities, many contractors use pressure washer systems that can heat water. Grease, when dissolved with the use of hot water, is easier to wash away with the water spray. These machines often achieve temperature levels as high as 330°F.

These pressure washer systems are ideal for removing grime from surfaces, such as tile, stone, brick, concrete, and so on. They have flow rates of about 5 gpm, but many contractors might prefer machines with lower flow rates of up to 2.5 gpm for cleaning areas where drainage or water availability is a problem. For cleaning commercial bathrooms, kitchens and other indoor areas or for car washing, you might purchase low-flow machines with flow rates up to 5 gpm. The pressure levels of these machines vary from 750 psi to as much as 4000 psi for heated power wash systems. Cold water machines may achieve pressure levels as high as 8000 psi.

For removing heavy layers of grime including grease in basements, yards, kitchens, sheds, warehouses, and factory floors, you would need to invest in hard surface cleaners with spinner heads and simultaneous extraction. The spinner head rotates at high speed to scrub the dirt off hard surfaces, while simultaneous extraction keeps runoff under control. Daimer®'s machines have an advantage over other brands of hard floor cleaners because these machines have motorized spinners which are more effective in removing dirt. Another attractive feature of these machines is that when used with the right wand, they can be used for many other purposes as well.

Daimer® also retails sludge extractors that feature extraction of water at up to 30 gallons per minute. The vacuum hose can be fitted with a 12 inch squeegee wand for cleaning smaller areas. Sludge extractors are used for cleanup in the aftermath of flood or large water leaks or for cleaning sewers.

If you are unsure about the possible applications of any piece of equipment, you may speak to a Daimer® product specialist to learn more about their products. Choosing the right equipment will help boost productivity and reduce costs, while making cleaning operations smoother and hassle free.

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