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Car Detailing Mobile Car Wash
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Car Detailing Mobile Car Wash

Steam based Car Detailing Equipment for Faster, Safe, and High Quality Cleaning

Steam car wash is fast becoming a popular and reliable way of keeping cars in great shape from both inside and outside. However, what exactly does steam car washing involve?

What is Steam Car Wash Detailing?

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car's exterior and interior. High temperature steam has been a critical factor in the cleaning industry, primarily due to its effectiveness and sanitizing abilities. The car wash industry is now using car steam cleaners in a big way to deliver high-quality cleaning results.

How It Works?

Steam car wash equipment uses steam jet to clean exteriors and interiors of a car. When done correctly and by using the best steam car wash machine, the cleaning process is completely safe. The added advantage of using steam car cleaning machines is that it offers sanitizing and deodorizing features, which can prove to be highly useful for cars with bad odors. Another key feature of steam car wash is that it is eco-friendly. You may ask how?

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Car steam cleaner systems make use of very little water to wash a car, and it doesn't cause any waste water run-off either. It can provide amazing cleaning results and that too without using any harsh chemicals or strong detergents that can potentially damage the paint or finishing of your car. Car detailing services use mobile car wash equipment to clean cars, as it is less messy, safe, and can deliver superior cleaning results faster when compared to conventional car wash equipment.

Dispelling Some Myths

Does steam car washing result in scratches on car surface or damage the paint work?

These are myths and have been proved wrong by car detailing professionals many times over. Steam washing cannot cause scratches on car’s surface. Steam acts gently on car surfaces. Moreover, there is no direct contact of the equipment with the car’s surface.

The scratches are caused by minute dirt and dust particles, which get rubbed against the surface when not removed before cleaning. Using the best steam car wash equipment for car detailing will ensure that just the right degree of pressure and temperature is applied to remove these particles. Thereafter, microfiber mops and towels can be used to dry and polish the surface.

Daimer® recommends using steam car wash equipment for auto detailing because it:

  • Can clean dirt, grease, and other contaminants faster and without having to use manual effort.
  • Offers maximum productivity.
  • Offers better reach and is convenient to use.
  • Can be used to clean even larger vehicles.

Steam car wash does not do any harm to the car paint either. Car paint is highly weather resistant and designed to withstand weather vagaries and hence can endure extreme cold and heat. Steam emitted from eco friendly steam car wash machines is of low energy and hence has no impact on the paint of automobiles.

You can either buy or lease steam car wash machine from Daimer®, but make sure you choose one that has the right specifications for use in the car detailing industry. An electric car exterior wash machine is ideal for use in a car wash facility as an electric supply source is readily available, besides being a clean and cheap source of energy. Portable car steam cleaners can be used for cleaning of larger vehicles, as they offer easy handling and wider reach.

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