How to Choose the Best Gum Removal Machine

How to Choose the Best Gum Removal Machine for Your Commercial Facility?

Chewing gum stains and dried wads can tarnish the good looks of a commercial facility. Removing chewing gum wads and stains can easily be counted as one of the toughest challenges faced by professional cleaners. Chewing gum has for long been considered a hygiene menace in public places and various commercial facilities. Their removal can be a time-consuming task, if the right type of gum removal machine and technology is not used.

What to Look for in an Efficient Chewing Gum Removal Machine?

The ease of gum removal process depends entirely on the quality and competency of the machines used. Machines with the right features and technology help remove gum build up quickly and provide faster turnabout time for every cleaning assignment. So, how to choose the best gum removal machine for your commercial facility?

The Choices Available

Chewing gum removal requires the use of powerful cleaning systems that can provide a reasonably high temperature, high pressure, and also extract the dissolved substances to leave the surface spotlessly clean. Steam pressure washers are the ideal machines for gum removal. There are gasoline powered and oil heated steam pressure wash machines, electricity powered and propane heated wet steam pressure wash systems, chewing gum removal commercial steam vacuum cleaners, and floor steamers available for gum removal.

The advantages of using steam pressure washers with superior cleaning technologies for gum removal in a commercial facility:

  • They remove gum faster and more efficiently than other cleaning systems.
  • The best machines come with vacuum extraction and can dissolve, remove, clean, and simultaneously extract the gums wads and residual dirt.
  • As they use the power of high temperature dry vapor steam, they do not leave a watery mess behind and offer an eco-friendly method of gum removal.
  • Top steam cleaners come equipped with patented features that offer a faster and cost-effective way of removing even the oldest gum wads within seconds, literally.

The Cleaning Power of High Pressure and High Temperature

Machines that combine high steam temperature and high pressure are perfect for quick removal and disposal of gum wads. Make sure you choose machines that are engineered to deliver fairly high temperature and pressure levels to make the gum removal task easy and comprehensive.

Powerful and technologically superior cleaning machines from leading suppliers come equipped with vacuum extraction features. Conventional cleaning machines can only soften the chewing gum wads, but advanced chewing gum removal machines with vacuum extraction can dissolve and extract the residual dirt left behind by gum wads. These machines can leave the surface spotlessly clean by removing the unsightly black chewing gum build-up.

Versatile Machines Offer Great Value for Money

Choose a vapor steam cleaner that offers multi-functionality. The best models can be used, not only as a vapor steam cleaner but also as a steam vacuum cleaner, wet/dry vacuum machine, and also for tile and grout cleaning and for many other cleaning applications. The leading supplier of top vapor steam cleaners ships them with many attachments, wands, and accessories. These attachments make gum removal and a host of other cleaning applications easy and efficient.

The best gum removal machines for commercial use come from Daimer®, the leading supplier of state-of-the-art cleaning systems. Daimer® ships the industry’s most powerful and effective gum removal machines that make their removal from commercial facilities effortless, significantly faster, and efficient.

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How to Choose the Best Gum Removal Machine

How to Choose the Best Gum Removal Machine