How to Clean Stucco Surface

How to Clean Stucco Surface Using Pressure Washer?

Unlike the conventional brick or stone walls and standard siding, stucco can give your home an entirely different look, provided you know how to keep it clean and dirt-free. Stucco attracts dirt and grime easily due to its textured surface and can lose its attractive look quickly. Cleaning stucco with an ordinary garden hose is not going to deliver the cleaning results you need to restore stucco to its original beautiful finish. You will need the power of a pressure washer to remove the unattractive buildup and make your home look clean and shiny once again.

Why use pressure washers?

A pressure washer is a versatile machine that can help restore sparkle and shine to a variety of surfaces. They can quickly and effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and accumulated deposits that stucco attracts rather easily owing to its textured finish. With its high pressure level, a pressure washer can remove all types of buildup that may develop on your stucco walls.

Cleaning Stucco Walls with a Quality Pressure Washing System

This step-by-step process can help you remove even the most stubborn of deposits and dirt accumulations from stucco.

  • Know how to setup a pressure washer: It is important to know how a pressure washer works to get the best cleaning results from the machine. Going through the manual carefully will help you understand the operational procedures. Make sure you become familiar with the key parts and controls used in stucco cleaning application. The recommended level of engine oil must be filled before you start using the pressure washer.
  • Putting the pressure washer together: Connect the high-pressure hose that comes with the pressure washer by inserting it into the inlet and tighten it properly. Connect the water hose to the pressure washer’s water inlet. Double check all connections for leakage and loose fitting. Secure connections using appropriate tools. Check the gas tank and replenish, if needed.
  • Adding power with cleaning solution: If you have some really tough deposits to deal with that refuses to yield to plain cleaning, you can consider adding cleaning solution to get better results. While there are many types of cleaning solutions available on the market, not all of them are ideal for use in high pressure washers. Check out ones that are recommended for use with pressure washers. Experts suggest using eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions that clean without causing any harm to people, surfaces, or environment.
  • Cleaning the stucco surface: Make sure that hairline cracks and chips are patched up and given time to dry. Using pressure washers on a cracked surface can lead to more severe damage. Remove loose flakes and dirt using a light spray of water before using the pressure washer. To remove stubborn dirt and grime, use attachments and accessories provided with the pressure washer for better and faster cleaning.

Tips for enhanced cleaning:

  • Divide the wall into sections, so that you can focus on individual sections instead of spraying all over the stucco.
  • Use a rotating scrub brush in heavily-stained areas for removing dirt without having to scrub manually.
  • Make sure you buy the pressure washer from a reputable supplier to enjoy high-quality cleaning results and safe, long-term usage.

With the help of the best pressure washer and the right accessories, cleaning stucco becomes an easy chore. You can restore the beauty of your home exterior within no time.

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How to Clean Stucco Surface

How to Clean Stucco Surface