How to Clean a Lawn Mower

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Using Pressure Washer?

Lawn mowers make it extremely convenient to keep gardens and lawns in great shape but for the machine to perform efficiently, it is important to maintain them properly. Lawn mowers attract dirt, mud, grime, and grass blades after every cleaning session. To keep the machine ready for use, it needs to be cleaned of all types of deposits and dirt. Using a pressure washer is the best way to clean a lawn mower and ensure optimum performance output.

Why Pressure Washers are Preferred?

Pressure washers with high pressure levels have the capability to remove dirt, mud, and grime from lawn mower blades and other parts of the machine. Pressurized water is released on the surface to be cleaned to blast away all types of dirt accumulations. A power wash system with the right pressure levels can make the job of cleaning land mowers easy and effortless, as it can remove grass build-up and other debris underneath the mower deck. Cleaning the deck after mowing will enable the mower to perform with greater efficiency.

Cleaning Lawn Mower with High Pressure Washer

The following steps must be taken to ensure comprehensive cleaning of your lawn mower:

  • Know How a Pressure Washer Works: Before you start, make sure you understand how a pressure washer works. A pressure washer consists of a motor that takes water from a faucet and drives water out from the machine at extremely high pressures. A pump in the system accelerates the water to high pressure and ejects it out through a trigger gun to effectively remove dirt, grime, and grass blades from lawn mower parts. Make sure the instructions provided in the user manual are followed to get the best results out of the machine.
  • Setting Up the Machine: All connections including inlet, outlet, the joining of pressure hose to the spray gun, and the accessories that you might use for specific cleaning applications must be checked before the machine is turned on. If your machine is powered and heated by electricity, ensure plug connections are done properly. Fuel operated machines must have the desired levels of petrol or gas before starting the cleaning process.
  • Use of Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning solutions can add to the power of pressure washers. If your lawn mower has stubborn and tough deposits that do not yield to high pressure cleaning, you can consider adding a cleaning solution to achieve the desired results. Eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions are now available to give your machine more cleaning power.
  • The Process: Disconnect the spark plug and the blades, and manually remove all dirt, grass blades, plant roots, leaves, and other visible dirt from your land mower. Begin working on the top and work your way to the bottom. Cover all areas, including tires, blades, and other movable parts. After the machine is dry, reattach the blades and the spark plug.

Tips You Can Use

  • Make sure you use the nozzle diligently on the sensitive parts of the mower to prevent damage from high water pressure.
  • Pressure washers are powerful machines and handling them requires a certain level of skill and expertise. Make sure you have someone to guide you before you go at it alone.
  • Choose pressure washer of a proven and reputable brand to get the best results and value for your money.

Lawn mower cleaning can be done with the highest levels of efficiency and with minimal manual effort with the right type of cleaning system and tools.

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How to Clean a Lawn Mower

How to Clean a Lawn Mower