How to Wash Wooden Fences

How to Pressure Wash Wooden Fences?

Wooden fencing can add to the beauty of your home and property, but it needs regular and proper maintenance. Over time, dirt, mold, moss, grease, and other items can adhere to the fence and spoil its looks. Using a pressure washer is recommended to clean and bring the fence back to life to make it look new and attractive. A pressure washer can easily remove dirt and debris sticking to the wooden fence without having to indulge in manual scrubbing and cleaning.

Why Use Pressure Washers for Cleaning Wooden Fence?

Pressure washing a wooden fence is much more manageable and efficient than scrubbing by hand. Remember, powerful pressure wash systems can literally blast away dirt and grime from hard surfaces and may damage wooden fence during pressure washing. A pressure washer with moderate pressure level and flow can easily remove the tough deposits and keep your wooden fence attractive and new. To get the best possible result, take a closer look at the different techniques used for pressure washing something as delicate as a wooden fence.

Cleaning Wooden Fence with Pressure Washer

You can keep your wooden fence spotlessly clean with pressure washers that have the right features. A step-wise approach to fence cleaning assures best results without any risk of damage.

Understanding the Working of a Washer

Different models of pressure washers have different capabilities. Make sure the model you choose for pressure washing your wooden fence is appropriate for the cleaning application. The ideal pressure washer for wooden fence cleaning is one that offers moderate pressure level and flow rate. Pressure washers that offer the convenience of pressure level regulation can make your job easier.

Setting Up the Pressure Washer for Wooden Fence Cleaning

Knowing what kind of wood your fence is made of can help you choose the right type of pressure cleaning machine. Next step is to make sure all the inlet and outlet connections are done properly and secured as per the instructions provided in the manual. If there are oil and gas levels to be checked, make sure you do so before starting the cleaning application. Identify the pressure level to be maintained for cleaning the fence without any risk of damage.

The Cleaning Process

Remove all obstacles from the cleaning area, cover electrical panels and components, and determine the spray pattern recommended for wooden fence cleaning. Hold the nozzle a few feet away from the fence and focus on creating the right impact on the panels, so that the water pressure is just right for cleaning without causing any damage. Bring the nozzle closer to those areas of the fence where the dirt is stubborn. Work with the grain and in an arc to spray the entire area of the fence. When rinsing the railings or fences, start at the top and work down to prevent streaks. Use overlapping passes for more even cleaning.


  • Choose a pressure washer with the right pressure level and flow rate to ensure cleaning is done safely and effectively.
  • Choose the right accessories and wands to get the best results.
  • Buy a reputable and established brand of pressure washer to get the best out of your wood fence cleaning efforts.

Advanced pressure washers with features like adjustable pressure level settings can make wooden fence cleaning easy and effective. Research the market for the best brand available.

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How to Wash Wooden Fences

How to Wash Wooden Fences