How to Choose the Best Hot Water Pressure Washer?

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Pressure Washer for Your Job?

If you are choosing a pressure washer for a particular job, there are two basic types of washing equipment you can look at – hot pressure washers and cold pressure washers. Generally, the choice of hot or cold water depends on the application. However, most customers prefer to use hot water pressure washers.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Washers

The reasons why customers choose hot water pressure washers can be found in their benefits.

  • They use heat and high pressure water, so large amounts of dried oil or grease can be easily cleaned.
  • The water can be heated up to 200oF.
  • The heat also helps sanitize the surface.
  • Hot water pressure washers can easily remove oil, grease, grime, dirt, paint, graffiti, and other tough-to-clean substances.
  • Using hot water can cut down the total time required for the cleaning process down to half.
  • Hot water pressure washers are usually equipped with a gasoline powered motor, thus eliminating the requirement of an external power source.

How to Choose the Best Water Pressure Washer

Choosing a pressure washer can be an easy task when you keep the following points in mind.

  • Specifications: These include the flow rate, water temperature, and water pressure, among others. Choosing a pressure washer based on specifications can be done when you completely understand your requirements. Take the following questions into consideration:
    • Are you cleaning indoors or outdoors?
    • What is the size of the surface area that you want to clean?
    • Will the surface be able to handle high water temperatures?
  • Accessories: It is obvious that you would want to buy a pressure washer that would last for a long time. The pressure washer will be used to clean a number of different surfaces and objects of various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a washer with a number of accessories that can help you to clean different types of surfaces. Some common examples are spray nozzles, connecting hoses, and cleaning fluids.
  • Options: The more options you get, the more versatile your cleaning will be. Find out whether the company can provide extendable hose lines, multi-gun operations, wet sandblasting systems, and whether the cleaner can be trailer mounted.
  • When you get a model that is able to meet most of your requirements, you know that you have found the right hot water pressure washer for your job.

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How to Choose the Best Hot Water Pressure Washer?

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Pressure Washer?